Rinchinbal Khan: Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty

Rinchinbal Khan: Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty


Rinchinbal, also known as Emperor Ningzong of Yuan (May 1, 1326 – December 14, 1332), was a son of Kuala who was briefly elevated to the throne of the Yuan dynasty but died soon after. Aside from being Emperor of China, he was also the 14th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire or Mongols. However, this title was largely nominal, owing to the empire's split.


He was the younger brother of Toghun Temür and the second son of Kuala (Emperor Mingzong) (Emperor Huizong). Kusala met his mother, Babusha of the Naiman clan, while in exile in Central Asia under the Chagatai Khanate. Rinchinbal was named Prince of Fu when his father Kuala died and was replaced by his younger brother Tugh Temür (suspected of poisoning Kuala). In January 1331, Tugh Temur declared his son Aratnadara heir apparent. Tugh Temur's Khatun Budashiri murdered Rinchinbal's mother, Babusha, and exiled Toghan Temur to Korea to protect her son's reign. These were unneeded, as Aratnadara died just a month after being named heir. When Tugh Temür died in 1332, he had a son called El Tegüs, but it is believed that on his deathbed, the Khagan showed regret for what he had done to his elder brother and stated his wish to transfer the kingdom to Toghan Temur, Kusala's eldest son, rather than his son. Since Kuala's eldest son Toghun Temür was accused of poisoning his father, Kuala, the grand councillor El Temür resisted allowing him to succeed. The six-year-old Rinchinbal was chosen when Tugh Temur's widow and El Tegüs' mother Budashiri Khatun honoured Tugh Temür's desire of making Kuala's son assume the kingdom. While Toghun Temür was kept away from Dadu's capital, Rinchinbal was in Dadu and had gained Tugh Temür's favour. On October 23, 1332, Rinchinbal was crowned as the next Emperor, but he died on December 14. Budashiri refused El Temür's request to install El Tegüs once more. He had no option but to welcome Toghun Temür back from southwest China's Guangxi.

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