Discover the Top 20 Best-Selling Books by Mia Caldwell: A Must-Read List for Romance and Drama Lovers

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  • November 19, 2023
Discover the Top 20 Best-Selling Books by Mia Caldwell: A Must-Read List for Romance and Drama Lovers
Discover the Top 20 Best-Selling Books by Mia Caldwell

Welcome to our comprehensive exploration of Mia Caldwell's captivating world of literature! Mia Caldwell, a renowned author known for her enchanting blend of romance, drama, and relatable characters, has captivated readers worldwide. In this article, we delve into the 20 most popular books by Mia Caldwell, each a masterpiece that promises to take you on an unforgettable journey of love, intrigue, and emotional depth. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to her work, this list is your perfect guide to the heart and soul of Caldwell's storytelling prowess.

Two Heirs for the Billionaire

Two Heirs for the Billionaire

Sometimes, one night can last a lifetime
There were three things Sylvie Jones didn’t expect to happen when she took a weekend trip to Chicago:

• Finally kicking her boyfriend, Alan, to the curb (he seriously deserved it).
• Meeting a sexy and wealthy stranger named Heath, and being mistaken for a paid escort.
• Not correcting Heath’s error and then … a little of this and a whole lot of that later, taking an airplane flight of shame all the way back home (she isn’t really ashamed—the night was too incredible for that).

None of these unexpected events might have changed her life if it weren’t for two more surprises which arrive nine months later—identical twins, Jadyn and Quentyn. Sylvie doesn’t know for sure who their father is, but that’s okay. Her sons are all hers and she can raise them by herself.

This might have been the end of the matter, except for one final thing: Heath. He can’t forget the incredible night he spent with a special lady in Chicago. He’d seek her out, but he doesn’t know her name. She dashed off like Cinderella, not even leaving a shoe behind as a clue to her identity.

He vows to find her. And Heath Collins, reclusive billionaire, always gets what he wants, no matter how long it takes. Getting the lady and twin baby boys, however, may be more than he bargained for.

A romantic comedy with a touch of steam, this is a standalone sequel to “Billionaires Don’t Like Nice Girls.”

The Billionaire's Triplets

The Billionaire's Triplets

From their first encounter, they’re destined to change each other’s lives.
A passionate fling

At a conference in Switzerland, business analyst Lissa Edwards and billionaire Julio Torres can’t resist each other. Their overwhelming chemistry makes them wonder if something more is possible ... so when Julio is called away on urgent business, he promises to contact Lissa.

A shocking surprise

Lissa is saddened when she never hears from Julio again, but she does her best to move on with her life -- until she learns she’s pregnant. With triplets. Reaching Julio is no longer optional … but despite repeated attempts, she’s unable to contact him to tell him he’s a father.

A deepening mystery

Julio can’t forget the brilliant, fiery woman he met in Switzerland. Why has she never responded to any of his messages? When one of his business ventures needs Lissa’s skills, Julio flies to New York, determined to press his case.

Neither one is prepared for what they discover. Can Lissa and Julio start over and build a life together, or is it too late?

The Billionaire's Triplets is a standalone BWWM romance with no cliffhangers and an HEA.

Billionaires Don't Like Nice Girls

Billionaires Don't Like Nice Girls

Under cover of darkness, a mysterious hero silently prowls the streets of Zeke’s Bend. Labeled Captain Nice Guy by the small-town press, he selflessly performs kind deeds for those in need. No one knows the identity of the man behind the mask.

During a visit to his aunt’s home, tech tycoon Kent Holmes has an embarrassing midnight run-in with the local superhero. Kent longs to unmask the pesky guy who left him tied to a laundry pole, but gets distracted when he meets sexy hairdresser Phae Jones. She’s beautiful, sassy and strong, his perfect woman, and nothing will stop him from winning her.

Phae knows she’s not perfect. She has the secrets to prove it, but she won’t reveal them to anyone, especially not Kent. He’s the hottest man she’s ever met, a witty and passionate billionaire whose kisses curl her toes and make her heart pound.

He has too many expectations. She has too many secrets. Something has to give and it starts with a simple question only Kent thinks to ask—

What if Captain Nice Guy is actually Captain Nice Girl?

A romantic comedy with a touch of steam

Kidnapping the Billionaire's Baby

Kidnapping the Billionaire's Baby

She can save countless children by giving up a single child. Hers.
Amara Davis has spent years researching new ways to feed the world’s hungry. After a vengeful ex-boyfriend destroys her professional reputation, she’s desperate to find new sponsors. Billionaire Quint Forbes, a man from her past, offers to save the day, but he demands something in return.

He wants Amara to be his surrogate and birth his heir. She’ll get the funding she needs, and he’ll keep the baby. Because of the millions of lives at stake, Amara reluctantly accepts the devil's bargain. She’ll face a terrible battle in the months ahead—resisting the maternal bond with her unborn child and steering clear of Quint with his electric touch and flashing blue eyes.

But this won’t be Amara’s only battle. Someone evil lurks in the shadows, hyper-focused and waiting for the perfect time to take revenge on those he believes ruined his Amara and Quint.

The devil’s at large … and he’s got his eye on the billionaire’s baby.

Standalone romantic suspense with a touch of steam and HEA.

Alpha Billionaire's Bride: The Complete Novel

Alpha Billionaire's Bride: The Complete Novel

Part romantic comedy, part whodunnit, a whole lot of fun. This is the complete novel version--no cliffhangers.

Billionaires don’t date real women like Jada ... they marry them.
Jada Howarth doesn’t believe in fantasies, unlike her sister who dreams of being swept into happily-ever-after in the sculpted arms of a handsome billionaire. Jada knows the truth, that rich men want supermodels, actresses and heiresses. They don’t want women from small towns with smaller bank accounts, women who lead normal, ordinary lives like Jada.

Then the day arrives when Jada awakes to find a swarm of reporters outside her house. They want the scoop on her secret marriage to Ian Buckley, one of the wealthiest, most sought-after bachelors in the country. Jada is dumbfounded. She has no idea what they’re talking about, but no one’s listening to her.

Ian Buckley, billionaire and man-in-charge, couldn’t be more surprised when he’s told that a marriage license was leaked to the press proving he married someone named Jada Howarth. He’s never heard of her, and he definitely doesn’t remember marrying her. Either he’s lost his wits, or someone’s out to make a fool of him.

When Ian sees the disheveled, lovely Jada on TV, peeking out her door in horror at the press crushing her lawn, he’s confident she’s not behind the scam. He’ll have to meet her to be certain. Men should probably meet their wives, anyway, shouldn’t they?

It’ll be fun getting to the bottom of this fiasco. Whodunnit? Perhaps spending time with his bride at Ian’s lakeside estate will solve the mystery.

Undercover Billionaire Boss

Undercover Billionaire Boss

He's undercover... She's under suspicion...

Raina McMillan's life in the past year hasn't been easy. In addition to running the world class Del Mar Hotel and Resort and taking custody of her nieces and nephew after her sister passed away, she's having to deal with insinuations from her boss that she'll lose her job unless she gives him what he wants-- and what he wants, is her.

Christian Del Mar seems to have it all -- good looks, good fortune, and a thriving multi-national chain of high-end resort hotels. But one thing he's never had luck with is love. But when the formerly thriving hotel in Palm Beach starts to struggle, Christian believes there's more trouble brewing than his regional manager is letting on. Donning the disguise of a handyman, Christian goes undercover to find out exactly what's going wrong.

He expected to find the culprit behind his declining sales figures; what he didn't expect was to find the woman of his dreams.

But all is not well at the Del Mar hotel, and what if the culprit turns out to be... Raina McMillan, the woman Christian is falling for?

Undercover Billionaire Boss is a 70k word story featuring an interracial romance, a happy ending, and no cliff-hangers.

Billionaire Baby Blues

Billionaire Baby Blues

Shattered dreams might become Neesa’s greatest gift.
All Neesa ever wanted was a family of her own. After learning she can’t have children, grief-stricken Neesa sells her farm, packs up, and leaves to travel the world. She hopes to find a way to heal, and discover a different destiny than what she’d once planned for herself.

Sterling Rush, billionaire, desires a new future of his own. When chasing the almighty dollar loses its appeal, he sells his company and settles on a quiet island in Fiji. For more than a year he peacefully idles away, until his ex-wife drops his surly teenage kids at his estate for their summer break. Tranquility demolished, Sterling has no idea how to connect with his estranged son and daughter. It looks like it will be a long, uncomfortable summer, until …

Neesa lands on an enchanting island in Fiji, and senses that it’s something special. After she meets handsome, older man Sterling Rush, she decides to stay for a while. He rents her his charming beachside cottage, and she’s hardly moved in before a precocious, young Fijian girl shows up on her doorstep seeking work. Who is this girl and where did she come from? And why does a seven-year-old need a job?

Together, Neesa and Sterling will have to navigate unknown relationship waters. And they’ll need extra determination when a multitude of Joneses, including the indomitable Great Aunt Elfleda, invade the island to meddle in their budding romance.

In the end, these complications might be a gift beyond measure. Neesa and Sterling could discover that sometimes, the family we thought we wanted, isn’t the family we need.

A romance with a touch of steam, this is a standalone sequel to “Billionaires Don’t Like Nice Girls” and “Two Heirs for the Billionaire.”

Paris and the Prince

Paris and the Prince

A Runaway Prince...

Crown Prince Alexander Lennox is tired. Tired of his diplomatic duties, tired of the paparazzi chasing him, and tired of being on display. When he slips away from his bodyguards so that he can experience a few days of anonymity and freedom, he ends up finding something even more unexpected...

An American Girl in Trouble...

Medical student Paris Martell is on the trip of a lifetime before having to go back to the States and resume her studies. When she gets separated from her tour group and finds herself in a dire predicament, a handsome stranger comes to her rescue...

An Unexpected Whirlwind Romance...

Enchanted by the lovely tourist, Alex can't help sweeping her off her feet and wanting to hide away with her a bit longer. So what if the press, his family, and... his unwanted fiancee are all on his trail? But what will happen when the truth finally catches up with him? And most importantly...

What Will Happen When Paris Learns the Secret Alex has Been Hiding?

This BWWM Billionaire Prince Romance is a standalone story of 50k words with steamy adult scenes, lots of laughter, and a happy ending.

The Billionaire's Craving

The Billionaire's Craving

He has a craving — for revenge.

Billionaire Colin Morgan lost his fiancee in a tragic car accident, and he blames a longtime enemy for her death. Years later, Colin has a plan to make his enemy pay. His revenge hinges on an innocent pawn …

Sabela Vaughn hasn’t had it easy. She's been working double shifts as a waitress to pay for her family’s medical bills while serving as caregiver to her disabled brother. She dreams of a better life as a fashion designer, but her mounting debts keep her aspirations out of reach. When a mysterious benefactor suddenly pays off those debts, it seems too good to be true.

It is.

Colin has plans for Sabela, and the first step is getting her alone in his Swiss mountaintop chalet. The second is to seduce her, making her fall in love with him while keeping his own heart safe and sound. But when he meets beautiful and kind Sabela, his careful plans are thrown to the icy Alps winds. Nothing goes as planned, and in the final reckoning, long-hidden secrets might destroy everyone.

This is a standalone romantic suspense with a touch of steam and HEA.

The Billionaire's Wife

The Billionaire's Wife
The Billionaire's Wife is a full standalone BWWM Romance Novel with a happy-ever-after and NO CLIFFHANGER!

What began as a marriage of convenience becomes much more...and what erupts defies imagination!

Kiona Walker is a force of nature. Exceptionally skilled at totally reinventing herself, reading people, and bluffing her way through careers, she is a corporate spy on the search for her big break. Her charm and flexibility mask a past filled with hardship and anguish, and her brash impulsiveness won't work forever.

But love was the one curveball she could never prepare for.

Cole Andrews is as blindingly rich as he is untouchable. Deceptively savvy. Incredibly withdrawn. One final obstacle puts his empire on the line. He's going to need the perfect partner. Someone who can play the game. But deceit and danger surrounds him, and beneath his calm, collected persona lies a painful secret that will push their blossoming romance to the very limit.

Caring for her was never part of the plan...but can he finally trust someone else?

It was supposed to be simple, but every punishing twist and turn and every last truth revealed only tested our unlikely bond.

Second Chance Serenade

Second Chance Serenade
Happily ever after is a second chance away.

Country singer Evie Rutherford is poised on the brink of stardom. But before all eyes are on her, Evie must return home to confess a huge secret – she has a young daughter she never told anyone about.

Five years ago, Judah Bentley lost the love of his life when she abruptly left town. No woman since then has compared to Evie. To drive her memory from his system, he focused on building a business empire. But now Evie’s back, and she instantly reclaims center stage in his heart and mind.

Evie’s attraction to Judah is even more powerful than when she was a teenager, which only makes confessing the truth of his fatherhood harder. She’s paralyzed with fear, and time is running out.

Can Judah and Evie overcome the past to forge a future as a family?

A second-chances romance with a touch of steam, this is a standalone novel with HEA.

The Billionaire's Baby Bargain: The Complete Story

The Billionaire's Baby Bargain: The Complete Story

All she wanted was a baby...

Beautiful, smart, and successful, Maya Robinson seemed to have it all. She had been keeping a painful secret however; she has desperately wanted a child. After being diagnosed with infertility, Maya thought her dreams would never come true. Then, one day, a mix-up at the fertility clinic resulted in the miracle she had been longing for...

All he wanted was what was rightfully his...

Billionaire philanthropist Colin Strathmore was shocked when he learned about the mistake at the fertility clinic, but he knew just how to solve this little problem. He would handle it the way he handled everything--money. But when he finally meets the woman carrying his child, Colin finds Maya isn't what he expected...

Fate brought them together, but will their choices tear them apart?

Lie to Me

Lie to Me

What happens when a bet goes too far?

Nick Rothberger has led a charmed life - money, women, freedom - it all comes easily to him. But when his brother, the CEO of RothCo, comes to him with a seemingly unsolvable problem, Nick proposes an unconventional solution -- one, which might just turn his easy life upside down.

Zoe Blanchard has worked hard for everything she has - including her menial job as assistant to one of the most demanding Vice Presidents of RothCo. But when her boss is laid up after an accident, and Zoe is asked to fill in, she reluctantly agrees to the brazen scheme Nick proposes in order to help RothCo and save her family's business.

With their constant bickering, Nick and Zoe seem to have little in common, except for his project to turn her into the glamorous executive she needs to be in order to cinch some delicate negotiations. Their mutual dislike turns to grudging admiration though as each begins to learn more about the other. When they look beneath the surface they learn there's more than either of them expected to find.

But Nick's been lying to Zoe about some important details of their little arrangement. What will happen when Zoe learns the truth about why Nick has been turning her into his perfect woman?

Lie to Me is a 60k word interracial romance featuring a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Country Love

Country Love

Nothing lasts forever... Except for love .

Beautiful photographer Monique Williams has spent her life on the move. She believes putting down roots will hold her back from her dreams. but a life as a rolling stone leaves her nights feeling lonely.

Country megastar Tanner Brock spends his time on tour dreaming of restoring the ranch that has belonged to his family for generations. His roots run deep, but life on the road has him spread thin.

Opposites attract, and clash, immediately when the two are thrown together. But with their time together slipping away, will Monique find the strength inside to trust in love that lasts forever?

The Billionaire's Shaman

The Billionaire's Shaman

Don't Miss the New Page-turning BWWM Romantic Suspense Crime Thriller from Mia Caldwell
Full-length stand-alone novel!

A decade after her childhood vision saved two lives, mosaic artist Sabrina Cane just wants a normal life. But the slick stranger who seduced her into letting a movie be made about her experience has turned abusive, and she’s on the run to Canada, never suspecting that the handsome, grieving billionaire she’s about to meet will change everything.

Harcourt Raymondson has spent a year mourning the loss of his wife and son. Fighting a plot to force him out of the company he built from the ground up, he almost cancels his interview with a young artist about a project on his property ... but her beauty sparks to life feelings he’d thought were gone forever.

From the moment they meet, forces too strong to resist wrap Sabrina and Harcourt in a web of passion, cruelty, and deception. With a psychopath on their trail, the billionaire and his reluctant shaman must rely on their unexpected bond to survive, and she must access her mysterious gifts ... to uncover the truths haunting them both and to save precious lives.

Touchdowns and Truffles

Touchdowns and Truffles

Laila Randall loved life, indulgence and, most of all, Finn McDonald in college. But when an opportunity arose to follow her real passion—food—Laila had to choose between love and her dreams. Years later, Laila is the head chef of one of the hottest pop-up restaurants in Detroit, and Finn is a free agent NFL quarterback looking for a new start far from the messy end of his marriage. When Finn walks into Laila’s restaurant, fate brings the former lovers face to face once again. The chemistry is instant, the attraction as sizzling as Laila’s signature dishes. But the pain of betrayal runs deep. Can Laila and Finn overcome the hurt of the past and rekindle the love they once knew? Or will the one who got away escape again?

This is a steamy BWWM romance with a HEA (happily ever after)

The Billionaire's Desire

The Billionaire's Desire

The Billionaire's Desire is a full standalone BWWM Romance Novel with a happy-ever-after and NO CLIFFHANGER!

Sanniyah Jones is a smart and driven businesswoman who thinks that everything is finally going according the plan she set out for herself. When the sister of reclusive billionaire Carter Easton hires her as her wedding planner, Sanniyah can’t help but think this is the break she needs that will launch her business to the next level.

She didn’t plan on being blindsided by love.

Carter Easton has it all; money, fame and good looks, but none of that is enough to heal the hurt and anger in his heart. Driven into seclusion by a tragic accident. Carter vowed to his sister that he was well enough to host her wedding on his private island. And he was willing to trust her judgement when it came to hiring a wedding planner.

He didn’t plan on having to open his heart.

When two forces of nature collide, even the best laid plans can’t combat the power of the billionaire's desire...

The Billionaire's Snow Date

The Billionaire's Snow Date

Billionaire Kynon Morrison is hoping to do some undercover investigating at one of the family’s resorts. It’s been years since he last visited the Glacier Bluff hotel, one of their less well-known yet premiere properties in the highest mountains of Scandinavia. He’s grown his hair long, his beard out, and has tatted up since his last visit. He’s dressed like a ski-bum, and he’s pretty sure he can pull this undercover boss thing off.

But on day one – his plans get totally iced. He’s not alone chasing powder at the crack of dawn. There's someone in the chair in front of him, going up to the same expert slope. Is it someone he knows from the X circuit?

The snow clears enough for him to get a better look. It's a woman for one, and there's no way she's a real boarder, not with that gear. Looks like she got her clothes at the hotel gift shop, and those are definitely rentals. She doesn't belong up here.

Two hours later, he's sitting by her bedside when she comes to at the nearest medical facility. She's alive, with a broken leg, instead of frozen to death on that empty mountain where she crashed. If he hadn’t been there, he shudders to think.

He learns all about her. She’s a journalist photographer, on assignment to do a feature story about the Glacier Bluff hotel. His hotel. Only she has no clue who he is. And he can't tell her. She's a journalist! She'll blow his cover.

He feels guilty for not being honest with her, since she's so forthcoming.

She explains that she's no stranger to broken bones, sprained body parts, gashes and burns. She's been accident prone all her life, but as long as she stays indoors and preferably stays in the city - she's fine. After this assignment, she's perfectly happy to go back to being Jamaicka Grant, 'Celebrity Poodle Photographer Extraordinaire.'

Jamaicka Grant makes Kynon Morrison laugh. So, when she's starts to show signs of being upset - he has to help her. For some reason, he just can't bear to see her unhappy. She's convinced that her dick boss Danny will fire her if she doesn't complete her assignment. And she's only got a week to shoot a ton of outdoor adventure shots, how's she going to do that with a broken leg?

Fake ski-bum, workaholic billionaire, Ky offers to come to her rescue. He can't help himself. She's so darn adorable! Forget about the undercover job for a few days. Help the lady in distress!

Of course, she agrees and the billionaire's gets his Snow Date!

Dangerous Hearts

Dangerous Hearts

Dangerous Hearts is a full standalone Novella with a happy-ever-after and NO CLIFFHANGER!

He was my boss... I had to stop thinking about fu*king him...
Nakia's hard work just paid off. The gifted fashion student just landed an internship at Kingsley Designs as personal assistant to Zachary Kingsley himself. He's an asshole and a workaholic, and the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on... How long can she stand being so close to him? Can she learn to capture his dangerous heart?

What Happens In Vegas

What Happens In Vegas

What happened in Vegas, didn't stay in Vegas...
Savannah Williams Morning Checklist!
1: Take Ibuprofen for my killer hangover...
2: NEVER let Chandra talk me into drinking tequila EVER again!
3: Figure out why I was dreaming about Elvis.
4: Try not to fuck the incredibly sexy man laying next to me... Again...
5: Take notice of the gigantic diamond ring on my finger!

Mia Caldwell's literary legacy is a testament to her extraordinary talent in weaving narratives that resonate with readers across the globe. From heartwarming romances to compelling dramas, her top 25 books offer a diverse range of themes and characters, each uniquely captivating. As we conclude our journey through Mia Caldwell's most celebrated works, it's clear that her stories are not just books; they are windows into the complexities of love, life, and the human experience. Caldwell's work remains a must-read for anyone seeking a deep, emotional connection through literature.