Transform Your iPhone Experience: Emulate Android Features with Ease

  • Author: Admin
  • November 20, 2023
Transform Your iPhone Experience: Emulate Android Features with Ease
Make Your iPhone Look & Feel Like an Android

Making your iPhone mirror the Android experience is an exciting journey into personalization and efficiency. iPhones are renowned for their simplicity and robust features, which attract many users, including those transitioning from Android devices. If you're an Android user who has switched to an iPhone, you might find comfort in making your new device feel more familiar. Here's how to achieve that Android-like functionality on your iPhone.

Replace Apple's Default Apps with Google's Suite

One of the easiest ways to make your iPhone feel more like an Android device is by replacing Apple's native apps with Google's equivalents. Most of Google's popular apps are available on the App Store, including Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos. Apple has made it relatively simple to set these as your default apps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the Google app you want to set as default (e.g., Chrome for the browser).
  • Tap on 'Default Browser App' (or similar) and select Chrome.

While Apple's iOS doesn't offer the same level of customization as Android in terms of setting default apps, this change can significantly alter your user experience.

Embrace Alternative Keyboards

Apple's openness to third-party keyboards means you can easily import your favorite Android keyboard experience to your iPhone. Popular Android keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey are available on the App Store. To set a new default keyboard:

  • Download your preferred keyboard from the App Store.
  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards.
  • Add your new keyboard and grant it full access for complete functionality.

Utilize Google Assistant

While Siri is the default digital assistant on iPhones, Google Assistant can also be downloaded from the App Store. However, its functionality is slightly limited compared to Android. You can create a shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app to launch Google Assistant using Siri, providing a workaround for direct access.

Widgets: A Touch of Android's Customization

Apple introduced widgets in iOS 14, allowing users to customize their home screens, lock screens, and the Today View. Although not as dynamic as Android's widgets, Apple's offer a level of personalization with options like widget stacks and smart rotation. Google's suite of widgets can add an Android-like feel to your iPhone.

The App Library: iOS's Answer to the App Drawer

With iOS 14, Apple introduced the App Library, somewhat akin to Android's app drawer. This feature automatically categorizes your apps, reducing homescreen clutter and making app management more straightforward. It's a significant step toward the organizational flexibility that Android users enjoy.

Emulating Android's Distinct Features on iOS

Several features integral to the Android experience can be replicated on iOS. For instance, Apple's 'Screen Time' mirrors Google's 'Digital Wellbeing,' offering insights into phone usage and options for downtime. Similarly, 'Find My' is Apple's counterpart to Google's 'Find My Device,' providing similar functionalities like locating and remotely erasing your phone.

Apple Pay parallels Google Pay, offering an intuitive and widely accepted contactless payment solution. Additionally, Apple's safety features, including Emergency SOS and Medical ID, provide a comprehensive safety net similar to Android's Personal Safety app.


Adapting to a new operating system can be challenging, but with these tips, you can make your iPhone feel more like an Android device, easing the transition. These adjustments not only make your iPhone more familiar if you're coming from an Android background but also demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of iOS as a platform. Whether it's through app choices, keyboard preferences, or widget use, personalizing your iPhone to suit your Android-influenced tastes is both feasible and enjoyable.