How to Listen to YouTube on Your Phone with the Screen Off: Unlocking Audio Enjoyment

  • Author: Admin
  • November 20, 2023
How to Listen to YouTube on Your Phone with the Screen Off: Unlocking Audio Enjoyment
How to Listen to YouTube on Your Phone with the Screen Off

YouTube, the colossal repository of audio and video content, offers a vast array of materials, ranging from educational tutorials to entertainment playlists and podcasts. While some content demands visual attention, others, like music or podcasts, are perfect for listening without needing to watch the screen. This versatility raises a common question: how can you continue to enjoy YouTube audio with your phone's screen turned off, especially to conserve battery life?

Playing YouTube in the Background Using a Web Browser

One workaround to the limitation of the official YouTube app, which doesn't allow free background play, is to use a mobile web browser. Here's a simple guide for Firefox users:

  • Find and Share the Video: In the YouTube app, locate your desired video, tap the Share button, and select "Copy link".
  • Open in a Browser: Paste the link in Firefox's address bar.
  • Switch to Desktop Mode: After loading YouTube, tap the ⋮ icon and select 'Desktop site'. The video (and its audio) will continue playing even if you switch apps or turn off the screen.

For users of Chromium browsers (like Chrome or Opera) or Safari, the steps are slightly different but yield the same result. After copying and pasting the video link into the browser, enable 'Desktop site' from the browser menu. Once the video is playing, you can lock your phone or navigate elsewhere, and control playback from the Quick Settings (Android) or Control Center (iOS).

Utilizing Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps offer background play capabilities for YouTube videos, albeit with a caveat. These apps, like MusicTube on Google Play Store, operate using YouTube's API, which YouTube can revoke at any time. However, they provide a seamless background music experience with minimal additional ads.

For a more adventurous approach, NewPipe, an open-source alternative, offers background play, a pop-up video player, and an ad-free experience. This requires familiarity with APKs and working outside the Play Store ecosystem.

Upgrading to YouTube Premium for Background Play

The most straightforward method to enjoy YouTube in the background is by subscribing to YouTube Premium. At $12 a month, it offers ad-free viewing, video downloads, and background playback across YouTube and YouTube Music. This option is particularly beneficial for heavy users, though less so for occasional listeners.

Conclusion: Smart Streaming with YouTube

With these methods, you can efficiently manage YouTube audio playback with your screen off, preserving battery life and enjoying your favorite content uninterrupted. Remember to keep an eye on your data usage if you're not connected to Wi-Fi. Whether through browser tweaks, third-party apps, or YouTube Premium, uninterrupted audio streaming from YouTube is easily achievable, enhancing your mobile audio experience.