Stay Updated: How to Get Live Sports Scores on Your iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16

  • Author: Admin
  • December 11, 2023
Stay Updated: How to Get Live Sports Scores on Your iPhone Lock Screen with iOS 16
How to Get Live Sports Scores on Your iPhone Lock Screen

In the realm of mobile technology, staying updated with live sports scores has become more accessible and convenient, thanks to Apple's iOS 16 update. The introduction of Live Activities, a feature initially launched with iOS 7, has significantly improved how iPhone users receive real-time information. This innovation is particularly beneficial for sports enthusiasts who wish to track scores without being glued to their screens.

Understanding Live Activities

Live Activities differ from conventional push notifications or widgets. They present real-time information in a persistent notification bubble on your lock screen. For sports fans, this means no more missing out on crucial game updates. It's especially useful during a lengthy baseball season, where keeping track of 162 games can be a daunting task.

Live Scores on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

If you're using an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, the experience is even more immersive. The Dynamic Island feature on these models displays live scores, enhancing your interaction with the game updates.

Setting Up Live Activities

To utilize Live Activities for sports scores, ensure your device runs at least iOS 16.1. Here’s how to enable it:

  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Scroll and toggle on Live Activities.

Using Apple TV App for Live Sports

Most iPhones come with the Apple TV app pre-installed. This app allows you to follow games from MLB, NBA, and the Premier League without needing a paid subscription to Apple's TV Plus service. Here's how to use it:

  • Open the Apple TV app.
  • Enable notifications if prompted.
  • Tap the Watch Now tab.
  • Scroll to Live Sports.
  • Select a game and tap Follow to get updates on your lock screen.

Additional Settings for Up-to-Date Scores

For the most current updates, you can adjust your settings to receive more frequent updates. This might impact battery life but ensures you stay in the loop:

  • Go to Settings > Apple TV > Live Activities.
  • Toggle on More Frequent Updates.

Third-Party App Support

While Apple TV is a great start, third-party apps like the MLB app also support Live Activities. As developers continue to adopt this feature, expect to see a broader range of apps offering live sports updates.


The integration of Live Activities into iOS 16 has revolutionized the way iPhone users receive live sports updates. Whether it's through the native Apple TV app or third-party applications, staying updated with your favorite games is now more convenient than ever. Embrace this technology and never miss a crucial moment in sports again.