Schengen Medical Treatment Visa

Schengen Medical Treatment Visa


A Schengen Medical Treatment Visa permits the visa owners to arrive at a Schengen Zone nation in demand to take medical treatment in a Schengen medical institute. Similar to all other sorts of Schengen permits, you can only stay in the Schengen zone (and receive the treatment) for up to 90 days with the Schengen medical treatment permit. If you want to pursue medical treatment in a Schengen hospital, but you are not confident whether you will require to apply for a visa earlier, or what the necessities are, this article will response some standard Schengen Medical Treatment Visa queries.

How to Apply

Check If You Require a Schengen Medical Treatment Visa: You do not require to apply for a Schengen visa for medical treatment if you are a citizen of a Schengen zone nation. You also do not require a permit if you are a resident of a state who has been excused from Schengen visa necessities. Besides, if you identify your treatment will take lengthier than 90 days, you cannot apply for a Schengen visa for medical treatment. As an alternative, you should apply for a national visa for medical treatment of the nation in which you will be getting said treatment.

Check Where to Apply: You should apply for your Schengen medical treatment visa at the embassy or consulate of the Schengen nation you will be travelling to.

Make the Appointment: Earlier you apply, yet, you require to schedule an appointment. Reliant on the nation, you can schedule an appointment online or in person.

Assemble the Essential Documents: When you have scheduled your appointment, you should collect all the required documents and submit them in person at the embassy/consulate in which you are applying. The necessities for a Schengen Medical Treatment Visa are:

  • A letter from your doctor/medical organization in your home nation is approving that you need medical treatment in a Schengen country. The letter should also state your medical history and the medical treatment you will take in the specific Schengen nation.
  • Certified document of receipt from the Schengen medical organization assuring they can deliver you with the medical treatment you require.
  • Evidence of accommodation in said Schengen medical organization.
  • Evidence of reimbursement for medical treatment.
    • If the bureau of health in your home nation will cover the charges of your treatment, they should write an official letter stating such intent.
  • Evidence, the patient, can manage with any extra medical expenses that may come up.
  • Evidence of communication between the doctor in your home nation and the one in the Schengen zone.

Appear the Interview: On the day that you submit your application, you will be needed to come in a visa interview. Afterwards, you have submitted your documents, compensated the charge, and attended the interview. You have to wait for your Schengen medical treatment visa to be processed.

Schengen Cultural Visa Legitimacy

Generally, a Schengen medical treatment visa is legal for a maximum of 90 days.

Necessities for Companions of a Patient Applying for the Schengen Medical Treatment Visa

If you are a mate for somebody who desires medical treatment in a Schengen nation, you should also apply for a Schengen medical treatment visa. As such, you require all the aforementioned standard necessities. In addition to those, you also need:

  • The medical papers of the patient you are associated with
  • Evidence of relationship to the patient you are associated with

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