Startup Visa for Canada

Startup Visa for Canada


If you have got a pioneering idea and would like to start a business in Canada, you will require a visa. Further precisely, you will have to apply for the Canada Startup Visa Program for Businesspersons. Canada's Startup Program gives excellent chances to new overseas businesses trying to get a step in Canada. Still, you will have to meet admissibility standards before you meet the requirements for a Canadian startup visa.

Admissibility Standards

If you meet the requirements for a Canadian visa, you will have to meet the exact standards for a Startup visa as well. Those are:

  • You should have a succeeding business.
  • You should have a support letter from a chosen organization.
  • You should have adequate funds.
  • You should meet the language necessities.

How to Apply

After you have established your admissibility for a Canada Startup Visa, you can begin the application procedures, fill the required forms, and assemble the needed documents for Startup visa application.

Assemble the Document File: You will have to “Legalize” the documents, print and sign them, and complete your application set. This will contain all the required documents and charges. The documents essential for a Canada Startup visa include:

  • Copies of your travel documents and passport. They should display the name and date of birth, passport number, the date of expiration as well as any alterations made to the title, birth date, expiration date etc.
  • Evidence you have conceded the language ability examination.
  • The Letter of Support from your Chosen Organization.
  • Birth credentials.
  • Marriage credential or divorce/marriage separation certificate. (If related)
    • If married further than once, give documents for each wedding.
  • Bereavement certificate for former spouse/common-law companion. (If related)
  • If you have a common-law companion: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM 5409 – original) and evidence you have resided together for at least of one year (it could be verified with a communal apartment lease, joint bills, common address on documents etc.)
  • Info on your kid, such as birth credentials, adoption documents, or evidence of custody. (If related).
  • National Identification Number/Card or family registry/book. (If applicable)
  • Police clearance certificates. They must be from every nation/region you have resided in for six or more months.
  • Photos as per to Canada’s necessities.
  • Money receipts.

Application Forms Required for a Startup Visa Appeal

  • Generic Application Form for Canada: IMM 0008
  • Additional Dependents/Declaration: IMM 0008DEP
  • Schedule A – Background/Declaration: IMM 5669
  • Schedule 13 Business Immigration Programs: Start-Up Commercial
  • Supplementary Family Info: IMM 5406
  • Statutory Statement of Common-law Union: IMM 5409
  • Separation Statement for Minors Travelling to Canada: IMM 5604
  • Supplementary Information – Your travels: IMM 5562
  • Use of a Representative: IMM 5476

You will have to send the finalized application via mail to the address you are given.

Give Biometrics: Afterwards, you apply for a Canadian Startup visa, you will also have to give your biometric data, such as thumbprints and images. Your visa application officials will notify you when and how to do that. Still, you will not be permitted to apply except you have received support from a chosen association, and they have sent their Commitment Certificate to the IRCC and provide you with your Letter of Support. Assure that you have all your documents and money receipts affixed to the application, or else they will return it to you.

Temporary Work Permit for Startup Visa: You can apply for a temporary Canadian work permit to set up your business earlier you apply for your residence permit for the Startup Visa. You can only apply for the work authorization after you have received your Letter of Support and Commitment Certificate from your chosen organization. Other than getting the support from your chosen organization, you will require to pay an employer compliance fee and have sufficient funds to provide for yourself and your family. You will also have to make an offer of employment through IRCC’s Employer Portal. You will have to give your business information details, your personal information, and job details form. However, a short-term work permit before the Startup visa is optional.

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