Self-Employed Visa for Canada

Self-Employed Visa for Canada


If you desire to move to Canada and work as a self-employed being, you will require a Canada self-employed permit, which is an immigration visa for Canada. Canada's self-employed package is accessible to everyone with cultural or athletic involvement which permits them to be self-employed. Still, having one of those occupations is not sufficient for your self-employed visa request to stand an opportunity and be acknowledged. It would help if you also verified that you have satisfactory experience in those two areas to make an essential contribution to Canada.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Canadian government is not accepting applications for agriculture under the self-employed section as of March 2018.

Admissibility Standards

You are qualified to apply for the self-employed permit for Canada if you come across the following settings:

You Have Satisfactory Experience and Ability: You should have both the knowledge and ability required to work as a self-employed person in Canada. The least amount of knowledge needed for a self-employed individual is two years. You should have achieved this experience within the five years earlier to your application. Because the Canada self-employed permit is evaluated with a point-based arrangement, extra experience means extra points. You should have the resulting experience:

  • Two years of self-employed person in cultural doings/athletics.
  • Two years of contributing to a world-class equal in cultural doings/athletics.
  • One year of involvement in (1) in adding to one-year experience in (2).

You Have to Come Across the Point-Based Selection Standards: The visa officials who process your self-employed Canadian visa appeal evaluate you on a point-based structure. The highest amount of points is 100, and you will require at least 35 points. They look at your:

  • Experience and Ability (35 points): You can gain the maximum amount of points if you have at least five years of knowledge and involvement.
  • Educational Background (25 points): You can obtain the highest amount of points if you have a Master’s Degree or PhD and a minimum of 17 years of full-time educations.
  • Your Age (10 points): You can earn the maximum amount of points if you are within 21–49 years of age. They desire individuals who will be able to contribute to Canada’s culture and sports for an extended amount of time.
  • Language Skills (24 points): They will evaluate your skill to write, speak, read, and listen in either English or French. You can select the language you are well at to be your first certified language. You can take a language examination from a selected agency such as IELTS test or CELPIP test for English, or TEF test Canada or TFC test Canada for French.
  • Adaptableness (6 points): You can get adaptableness points based on your spouse’s educational qualification; if you worked/studied in Canada; if you have relatives in Canada. They look at this to perceive how well you would possibly submerge yourself in Canada’s culture.

How to Apply

Just as with other kinds of Canada visa, the appeal is completed online. The steps included:

Check Your Admissibility: Basically, you should check whether you are qualified for the visa based on an online survey on the official web portal of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). If you are, they will direct you an application set to your electronic mail address. The application bundle contains a complete direction, application forms, and an index of documents you require. Follow the directives.

Fill and Complete the Forms and Assemble the Required Document File: You have to fill and complete all the needed forms comprised on the application set. Then, if you are applying over the web portal, upload them to your electronic appeal. If you are applying on paper, you need to print them and sign them accordingly. Then, collect and assemble all the mandatory documents and affix them to the application. You will have to send the completed forms to an address that you will be provided with via mail. You also have to compensate for the visa processing dues and affix a copy of the money receipt to your application. Documents contain:

  • Evidence of educational backgrounds such as a credential, certificate, or mark sheets.
  • Evidence you have conceded the language examination.
  • Evidence of related work involvement.
  • Evidence of adaptableness.
  • Copies of all travel documents/passports. They should display the name, details of birth, photograph, expiration date, or alterations in name, birth date, expiration date etc.
  • Police clearance certificates.
  • Birth credentials.
  • Marriage credential/divorce certificate (if married further than once, provide documents for each). (If appropriate)
  • Death record for former spouse/common-law companion. (If appropriate)
  • If you have a common-law companion: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM 5409 – original) and evidence that you have lived together for a minimum of one year (communal apartment lease, common bills, shared address on documents.)
  • Info on your kid like a birth credential, adoption documents, or evidence of custody. (If appropriate).
  • National Identification Documents or household registry/book. (If appropriate).
  • Canada visa photos.
  • Money receipts of Canadian Visa application processing fee and other required charges.
  • If applying as Quebec-selected candidate: Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ)

Assure that you any required document is not absent, as well as forms, or charges. If you are, visa officials will return the application to you and ask you to solve any faults or forgot to affix any required document.

Give Biometric Information: Claimants between 14 and 79 years old have to give their biometric data. This contains fingerprints and photos. You provide the biometric data after you send the application.

If Self-Employment Visa Application Is Approved

If you obtain the self-employment permit, when you travel to Canada, an official from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be there for you. You should have your passport and other travel documents with you, a legal permanent residence permit and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), as well as evidence you can financially sound for yourself and your family. The officer will ask you enquiries that are intended to assess whether you still meet the requirements for the self-employment visa. If you give partial or untrue responses, you may not be permitted entry to the country.

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