Facilitation Visa for Canada

Facilitation Visa for Canada


The Facilitation Visa supports or enables the travelling of a Canadian resident with a dual nationality to go to Canada. There are several cases when an individual has two nationalities, a Canadian one and one from a foreign nation. Due to unexpected conditions, this individual does not have a Canadian passport that they can travel comfortably, but they want to go to Canada on a short-term announcement. Because of this short announcement, they cannot initiate the processes of obtaining the Canadian passport, so they require the Facilitation Visa. The Facilitation Visa lets these Canadian residents enter Canada with a foreign passport and be regarded as nationals. They can reside there for only the period that they want to complete their urgent visit, and then they have to leave the country. It is wise that they begin the process to obtain a Canadian passport so that they do not require a Facilitation Visa in the upcoming days. The Government of Canada will not allocate a Facilitation Visa just for it is more suitable for the claimant. There should be a valid and confirmable reason to obtain this Visa, and the claimant should verify that if they do not gain this permit, it will cause them excessive hardship that is not through some liability of their own. So, the applicant should also have been in a condition that they could not obtain a Canadian passport because of situations that they could not control. Moreover, if you have double nationality with a Canadian nationality, but the other foreign nation does not permit a second nationality, then the Canadian Government will not provide a Facilitation Visa. The representatives at the Canadian Embassy are directed not to provide this permit if the claimant is trying to hide their Canadian nationality since the other nation does not permit double nationality.

Admissibility Standards

To own the Facilitation Visa, the applicants should reach some standards that they have to verify through several documents. If you are thoughtful of applying for this visa, then you should meet these necessities:

  • You must have evidence that you have a Canadian nationality through a birth certificate or other conducts
  • You should be in one of the following conditions and requirements to travel immediately to Canada:
    • Your papers have been missing or whipped, and you are in suffering
    • You have double nationality and are going to Canada for the first time
    • You have dual citizenship and did not obtain a Canadian passport before leaving Canada
    • You were a child born in Canada to overseas parents who had gone back to their nation and did not desire to claim the Canadian nationality that you had attained automatically when you were born
    • You are or were a child who went through an adoption procedure in a foreign nation and that nation only permits you to leave through their national passport
    • If you are below 18 years and you are going to reside with Canadian parents for humanitarian or compassionate motives, but you have an overseas passport or travel document. You should have proof that one of the parents in Canada is a Canadian national.
  • You must prove that you do not have a Canadian passport because of reasons beyond your control.

You should reach to these necessities in demand to meet the requirements for the Facilitation Visa. If you cannot show that you achieve the standards, the Canadian Embassy will deny your appeal. The substitute is to then apply for a different sort of Canada Visa.

Required Documents

You should submit the resulting supportive papers to apply for a Canada Facilitation Visa:

  • Your legal Government allotted passport from the nation where you have your second nationality
  • Evidence that you are a Canadian National such as:
    • Your Canadian Certificate of Nationality
    • Birth Record from a Canadian jurisdiction or territory is suitable except you were in these circumstances at the time of your birth:
      • One of your parents was an ambassador or a consular officer of an overseas government
      • One of your parents was a worker or representative of a foreign government
      • One of your parents was an official or a staff of a specialized agency of the United Nations
      • One of your parents was an official or a staff of a global association with ambassadorial rights or protections
      • None of your parents was Canadian residents or Permanent Inhabitants of Canada
    • Naturalization Certificate allotted before 1 January 1947
    • Registering of birth overseas certificate granted between 1 January 1947 and 14 February 1977
    • Records of retention issued between 1 January 1947 and 14 February 1977
  • Evidence that you could obtain a Canadian passport for reasons beyond your control
  • Proof that you require to visit Canada due to an urgency
  • Your bank or other financial declarations to show you have sufficient funds cover your travel to Canada
  • A Statement Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you clarify why they should grant you a Facilitation visa
  • Two photographs that meet the Canada Photo Necessities
  • Medical test forms if the Embassy Official finds it essential
  • Your job or education status through a resume or certificates, as well as a letter from your company affirming that you have contractual commitments to accomplish and you should return to your country.

How to Apply

The Facilitation Visa application procedure is diverse from other Temporary Resident Visa applications. If you accomplish the necessities above, then you might submit a direct visa application to the Canadian Embassy in the foreign nation where you have your second nationality. You should submit the Temporary Resident visa forms. The Embassy may take a few days to process the appeal reliant on their job pressure, or they will instantly reply to your visa appeal.

Visa Charges

To be able to apply for the Facilitation Visa, you should compensate for the following costs:

  • Visa application fee which is 100 Canadian Dollar
  • Biometrics data charge of 85 Canadian Dollar

As well as, if your appeal is permitted you should pay the passport processing charge of around 45 Canadian Dollar.

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