Open Work Permit for Canada

Open Work Permit for Canada


An Open Work Permit else recognized as an International Mobility Program for Canada is a type of work visa that is not definite to a particular job. All other work visas are issued for the visa owner to work for one company, but the Open Work Permit permits you to change companies as elongated as the permit is legal. If you are appealing as a Temporary Foreign Worker, then this authorization will let you work in Canada for six months or less than six months. During this period, you can alter proprietors as long as they are acknowledged by the Canadian Government and are not required with doings not accepted by the Government. Diverse from other sorts of work authorizations, the Open Work Permit does not need you to submit the following data:

  • A Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) paper that your company would require to have
  • Any evidence that your company has lengthened a proposal to you through the Company Portal or compensated the employer compliance due


There are diverse conditions under which you can get an Open Work Permit. It may be wholly unrestricted or have some restrictions as the Canadian Consulate sees fit. In general, there are three types of Open Work Permits:

  • Free work permits which allow you to change employers, occupation, and the location of work
  • Restricted work permits which would enable you to change employer but do not allow you to change your occupation
  • Limited work permits which will permit you to alter employer but do not let you to alter the location of the job

The choice on what kind of open work permit to issue you is up to the official at the Canadian Consulate based on the documents that you submit when you apply.

Admissibility Standards

To be capable for an open work permit, you should accomplish some groups of standards. One of the groups of necessities is on your condition as to whether you can apply for the visa or not. You can submit appeal for an Open Work Permit if you are in one of the ensuing sets:

  • A temporary resident permit owner
  • A global student who has completed graduation from a Canadian education organization and is qualified for a Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • A student who cannot have enough money to bear the cost of their educations
  • An individual who has applied for permanent citizenship in Canada
  • A household member of an individual who has applied for permanent citizenship in Canada
  • A common-law partner of an international student or a competent employee
  • A displaced person or refugee, a protected individual, refugee applicant, or a family member
  • A young employee in a unique program

As a temporary employee, you should reach the admissibility standards of the Temporary Visa in demand to meet the requirements for the Open Work Permit. In adding, you should also achieve the following necessities:

  • You should verify that you will return to your country after your work permit run out
  • You must show that you can bear the expenses of your stay and your household member’s stay in Canada and that you have sufficient funds to return to your country
  • You should verify that you do not have any criminal record
  • You must demonstrate that you are not a risk to the national safety of Canada
  • You require to be in good health
  • You need to be eager to respect the settings of your open work permit even if the official issues a limited one
  • You need to verify that you will not work for an employer that proposes strip dancing, sensual dance, erotic body massage, or escort jobs

You can also apply for a lengthening of the Open Work Permit or your first Open Work Permit within Canada if you encounter these necessities:

  • You hold a Canadian study permit or an open work permit that will run out soon
  • You own a degree from a Canadian educational institute
  • You are a temporary inhabitant of Canada
  • You are in anticipation of the result on your appeal for refugee status
  • You already have refugee or protected person grade
  • Your appeal to obtain refugee status was rejected, but you cannot leave Canada for reasons outside your control

How to Apply

The Open Work Permit appeal procedure has more than a few steps which you should go over, as follows:

Obtain a Job Offer: You need to get an employment proposal from a Canadian company in demand to meet the requirements for a work permit appeal. For this, you have to begin early and apply to diverse organizations. You can apply over a different online portal or sign up for any employee hiring services which for a small charge will find you a job. Once you have the job and obtain the open work permit, you will have the opportunity to change employers, but in directive to be qualified to send an Open Work Permit appeal, you will require to get the job offer.

Submit Application for the Visa and Work Permit: If you can reach to all the necessities and have a job proposal from a Canadian company, then you can apply for the visa and the work permit. The appeal needs to be completed through the Canadian Embassy in your home country. You should go through the following steps:

  • Make an account or submit a paper application: You have the choice of applying online through the Canadian Government web portal using your identifications or your bank account info. If not, you can apply by sending all your papers as hard copies.
  • Submit the application forms which contain:
    • IMM 1295: Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada
    • Schedule 1: Application for Temporary Resident Visa
    • IMM 5645: Family Information Form
    • IMM 5409: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if appropriate)
    • IMM 5476: Use of Representative Form (if appropriate)
    • IMM 5475: Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if appropriate)
  • Submit supportive documents which include:
    • Your passport which must have validity for more than six months afterwards your scheduled date of entrance in Canada
    • A Photocopy of your passport and all the pages
    • Two photographs as per the Canadian visa Photo Necessities
    • Lawful job proposals from your proprietor
    • Evidence of existing immigration status (if your country of residence is dissimilar from your country of nationality)
    • Police clearance certificates
    • Your Curriculum Vita or resume
    • Certificate of your education or degrees
    • Copy of your wedding certificate (if appropriate)
    • Copy of your children’s birth certificates (if appropriate)
    • If you are employed in Quebec, you require a Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)
    • Any other documents that the Canadian Embassy wants

Complete the Medical Checkup: It will be better for you if you go through the medical test to verify that you are in good health. You can do so at any certified doctor who can sign the papers for you after you go through the required medical checkup. If you do not have a medical test, you will not be permitted to work in the child care centre, primary or high school teaching, jobs related to health service, or farming professions. In demand not to restrict your job options, it is suggested to have the medical tests.

Appear in the Visa Interview: The officers of the Canadian Embassy may desire to interview you to evaluate that you will go back to your country when your open work permit ends. Besides, they will also assess that whether you have been truthful in your application or not. You should attend the interview at the scheduled time and date and response to any queries that they question you. You may also require to give your biometric data after the interview, which you should do.

Hold for Visa Processing: When you submit the application, papers, medical test results, and complete the interview, you will then halt for processing. The Open Work Permit Canada processing time depends on your country of nationality and workload of the Embassy officials. After this waiting, you will get a result from the Canadian Embassy.

Travel to Arrive in Canada: If your Open Work Permit is permitted by the Embassy, you can make travel and housing preparations in Canada. When you reach in Canada, the Port of Entry (PoE) officials will check you before entering the country. They will check your papers and query about your aim of visit and how long you will be in Canada. Give them all your documents and reply to all the questions since they have the authority not to allow you into the country if they doubt you are not honest.

Visa Charges

The Open Work Permit is a little more costly than an employer-specific work permit. You will have to compensate a new work permit appeal charge of 155 Canadian Dollar and an Open Work Permit charge of 100 Canadian Dollar. After total, it will cost 255 Canadian Dollar.

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