Post Graduate Work Permit for Canada

Post Graduate Work Permit for Canada


After completion of graduation, many students desire to obtain some working knowledge in Canada and inquire whether they can find a job and reside for some time. The Canadian Government permits this if the student who just graduated is qualified and permitted for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). The PGWP lets the graduated student reside in Canada and work for a Canadian company reliant on the length of their studies and their admissibility.

Admissibility Standards

The PGWP will fundamentally give you impermanent residence in Canada and consequently has many necessities. To be qualified for the PGWP, you should achieve the following obligations:

  • You need to be a minimum of 18 years old
  • You should have studied in Canada as a full-time student for a minimum eight months
  • You should have evidence that you have finished your study package
  • You should have graduated from one of the following institutes:
    • Community college or university in any Canadian domain or a vocational education package from Quebec
    • Private college or university which stands to the same guidelines as a community university or college in Quebec
    • Private high or post-secondary school in Quebec which proposes education programs of nine hundred hours or lengthier and leads to a specialised certificate
    • Canadian private school which can offer degrees such as a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD
  • You should apply for a work permit in ninety days of your graduation program
  • You should have a legal study permit at the time of your application for the work permit

Yet, there are also several different cases which can make you meet the requirements for a PGWP even if you do not accomplish the necessities above:

  • You were registered in a quicker program which was supposed to last for eight months, but you completed it within six months
  • You moved from one DLI to another, and the collective extent of your studies in the two institutes was further than eight months
  • You transferred from an institute that was not a DLI to one that is a DLI and studied for eight months or extra in the DLI (the time you expended at the school that was not a DLI and does not meet the requirements you for a PGWP)
  • You studied part-time throughout your final semester due to a manageable course load
  • You are a flight trainer who:
    • Has finished a course for flight training at a Canadian training centre and now you have a Canadian commercial pilot license
    • You are in the procedure of obtaining the instructor rating and a job proposal in the post of a flight trainer from a flight training centre
  • If you are doing your graduation from a Quebec vocational or professional training package, you should accomplish these standards:
    • You should have graduated from a community or private high school or a private post-secondary school
    • Your certificate should be a Diploma in Vocational Studies, Testimony of Vocational Specialization, Diploma in College, or Testimony of College Studies
    • Your program should have been full time for eight months or more

You should satisfy these necessities to be qualified for the PGWP, or you cannot reside in Canada after you graduate and must go back to your country ninety days after graduation. You cannot obtain a PGWP if you are in one of these conditions:

  • You have been enrolled in a study program that is fewer than eight months long
  • You have studied for further than eight months but the time has not been constant
  • You were selected for the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program which is sponsored by the Global Affairs Canada
  • You were enrolled of the Government of Canada Awards Program sponsored by the GAC
  • You had a scholarship from the Global Affairs Canada
  • You obtained an Equal Opportunity Scholarship of Canada, i.e. Chile
  • You were a portion of the Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Package
  • You were part of the Organization of American States Fellowships Program
  • You finished your study program as a distance learning student from overseas or from within Canada
  • You have already had a PGWP

How to Apply

The appeal method for the Post Graduation Work Permit is not very complex. It can be finished either online portal using your Government of Canada login (GCKey or bank details) or in-person by submitting a paper appeal. Since the processing time for online claims is quicker than paper applications, we suggest trying to apply website portal if you are qualified. To initiate an appeal, go to the Government of Canada website and fill out the resulting forms:

  • IMM 5710: Application to Change Condition, lengthening my Stay, or Stay in Canada as an Employee
  • IMM 5409: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable)
  • IMM 5476: Use of Representative (if you are providing authorisation to somebody to apply on behalf of you)
  • IMM 5475: Authority to announcement personal data to an elected person (if you are hiring a representative)

In adding to the forms, you should also submit other papers such as:

  • A photocopy of your legal passport
  • A photocopy of your existing legal immigration status such as study permit, work permit, visitor visa, etc.
  • Your final university mark sheet
  • A letter from your school affirming that you have graduated
  • A letter from your school ensuring the extent of your study program (in hours or months) and the program code if you have studied in Quebec

Once you have submitted all the required documents, you will be asked to pay the dues for the PGWP application. Then, you have to hold for processing and then the Government of Canada will inform you via mail or email on their choice. If your PGWP is permitted, you may begin working immediately for the time that has been authorised for you.

Visa Charges

To submit your appeal for the PGWP, you will have to compensate the application charges. The PGWP is considered an open work permit, so it is, to some extent, more costly than the student work permit. Further precisely, you will have to pay the standard work permit application charge of 155 Canadian Dollar and an extra 100 Canadian Dollar for the open work permit to obtain the PGWP. In totaling your PGWP appeal will cost 255 Canadian Dollar.

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