Temporary Foreign Worker Visa for Canada

Temporary Foreign Worker Visa for Canada


The Temporary Foreign Worker Visa is a temporary Canada work permit that was formed by the Government of Canada to offer openings for foreign workforces who desire to obtain a job in Canada for a short duration. The visa permits publics to get employment in the country for only six months, with opportunities of extensions. Throughout this period, the overseas employee is allowed to only work for one employer, and they obtain a job permit and visa. They can reside in the place in Canada where their job is and should obey Canadian commandments. When the employment permit and visa are near to ending, the employee can apply for an extension of the work permit, or they should leave Canada and go back to their country.

Admissibility Standards

The necessities to become a temporary foreign employee in Canada are pretty vast. The Government of Canada desires to guard the jobs of their residents and permanent nationals; hence it needs evidence that the overseas staff is undeniably required to a Canadian corporation. For this, the most vital necessities to become a temporary overseas employee is to get a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The LMIA is an authorization letter which the Canadian employer should obtain from the Canadian Government. It confirms that the proprietor has tried to find a worker in Canada who is a national or permanent citizen, but no one was eager, accessible, or competent to perform that job. Since no individual inside Canada was found for the post, the employer requires a foreign employee. Generally, the LMIA takes a few months to obtain, so, the process should initiate as soon as possible. Further necessities to meet the requirements for the TFWP are:

  • The applicant should have a job in Canada
  • The applicant should verify that he/she will return to your home country after work permits run out
  • The applicant should show that he/she has sufficient financial support to bear the cost of stay and family expenses in Canada and also have adequate funds to return to his/her country
  • The applicant should demonstrate that he/she do not have any criminal history
  • The applicant should verify that he/she are not a risk to the nationwide security of Canada
  • The applicant should be in good health
  • The applicant should show that he/she will not engage himself/herself for an employer that offers striptease, sensual dance, sensual massage, or escort services

You must attain these necessities in demand to have an application acknowledged and to be considered for the TFW program.

How to Apply

In demand to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, you need to follow a series of stages as delineated below:

Obtain A Job Offer In Canada: All Canadian work permits need the claimant to first have an employment proposal from a Canadian corporation before applying for a work visa. Consequently, if you are definite that you desire to work there, you should begin your search as early as possible. You can search over the internet, or you can obtain a Visitor’s Visa and pursuit in person. At the close of this phase, you should have a legal job proposal letter forwarded to you from a Canadian company.

Obtain The LMIA: Your proprietor should apply to obtain the LMIA through the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), where they will evaluate the consequence of appointing a foreign employee to the Canadian labour market. If your company is permitted for the LMIA, then you can shift to the next phase, but if the LMIA appeal is rejected, later the employer should either try again, or you should search another job.

Submit Application For The Work Visa And Permit: After you obtain the LMIA, you can then appropriately apply for the work visa and permit. You should apply to the Canadian Embassy, either online over their website, or in-person to the Embassy office in your home country. Your application should contain the following forms:

  • IMM 1295: Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada
  • Schedule 1: Application for Temporary Resident Visa
  • IMM 5645: Family Information Form
  • IMM 5409: Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable)
  • IMM 5476: Use of Representative Form (if applicable)
  • IMM 5475: Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable)

The supportive documents to apply for a TFWP might comprise:

  • Your valid passport with the validity for further than six months after your scheduled date of arrival into Canada
  • A set of photocopies of all pages of your passport
  • Two photographs as per the Photo Necessities of Canadian Visa
  • Legal job proposals from your employer
  • Evidence of existing immigration status (if your country of residence is dissimilar from your country of nationality)
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Your Curriculum Vita or Resume
  • Your educational certificates and diplomas
  • Copy of your wedding certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of kid’s birth certificates (if applicable)
  • If you are working in Quebec, you require a Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ)
  • Any further documents that the Embassy of Canada wants

Completing Medical Tests: It is best if you go through the medical tests to verify that you are in good health. You can do so at any certified doctor who can sign the papers for you later you go over the required checkup. If you do not have a medical test, you will not be permitted to work in the child care centre, primary or high school teaching, health service-related jobs, or agricultural professions. In demand not to bound your selections of employment, it is suggested to complete the medical tests.

Appear in The Visa Interview: The representatives of the Canadian Embassy may desire to interview you to find that you will go back to your country when your work permit ends. Besides they will also evaluate that you have been honest in your application. You should appear the interview at the scheduled time and response to any queries that they ask you. They may also ask for you to give your biometric data after the interview, which you should complete.

Hold for Visa Application Processing: After submitting all the required documents, you will wait for the Embassy to process your application. The average processing time relies on the country, but it can take from three to twenty-seven weeks for you to get a reply about your status. The Embassy will either admit or reject your application. If they agree, they will send you further directions. If they reject your request, they will notify you of the details of why they have rejected.

Travel to and Arrive in Canada: The last phase is for you to travel to Canada. You can make travel and housing preparations, and when you land in Canada, the Port of Entry (PoE) officials will stop you for checking. They will check your papers and ask queries about your aim of visit and how long you will be in Canada. Provide them all your documents and response all the enquiries because they have the jurisdiction not to let you enter into the country if they suspect you are not honest.

Visa Charges

To submit an application for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, you will have to compensate for an initial application charge of 155 Canadian Dollar. This payment will be essential for the Embassy to process your appeal and you will have to reimburse for it every single time you apply, even if you are applying for extensions of your stay. In adding, if you are requested to give your biometrics data, you will also have to count a charge of 85 Canadian Dollar.

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