Intending Organ Donors Visa for Canada

Intending Organ Donors Visa for Canada


The urging for organs is very high in every country, and numerous sick persons are waiting for a possible transplant or organ giver. That is why nations try to help them through permitting contributors to go and donate their organs if they desire. For the reason that the Canadian Government formed the Intending Organ Donors Visa. This permit is a Temporary Resident Permit, which signifies that it permits the person to go to Canada for a certain period, generally six months or less than six months. The individual is not permitted to try and obtain a Canadian nationality, Canadian allotted documents, or Canadian aids such as social safety or health cover. The individual is only permitted to go to Canada and donate a body part to a person who needs it, stay in the hospital for their recovery and then go back to their country. In this circumstance, the hospital stay could be sponsored by the individual receiving the organ or by any other charitable association which facilitates organ donations in Canada.

Admissibility Standards

To be permitted to appeal for the Intending Organ Donors Visa, there are specific necessities which you should encounter. The admissibility standards are:

  • The admissibility standards for the Temporary Resident Visas.
  • The organ that you willing to donate should be well-matched with the receiver of the organ, and you should have evidence of that.
  • The expenses linked to the organ donation should be sponsored by the receiver’s health coverage or by another organization helping organ transplants, and there should be evidence that you have private health coverage too.
  • You are not trading your organ to the receiver, so there should be an indication that there is no organ trading and that you are eagerly donating.

If these necessities are not satisfied, then the Canadian Embassy will either need more evidence or will reject your appeal.

Required Documents

Within the visa application page on the website, you will also have to conform to the resulting supportive documents:

  • Evidence of organ similarity between you and the organ receiver as follows:
    • A letter from a transplant professional in Canada that is connected with a known transplant centre. The letter should have the letterhead of the transplant centre or the expert and should assure:
      • That there is a receiver for the organ you are donating
      • That your medical examinations were done and that they are well-matched with that of the receiver
      • That the transplant centre will undertake the transplant operation and will treat you to support you recover
      • That your medical expenses are insured by the health coverage of the organ recipient
  • Evidence of your private health coverage in Canada
  • Evidence of sufficient medical services in your country in case of medical worries. This is obligatory to guarantee that you will not reside in Canada because there is better medical treatment facility since you cannot return to your home nation due to absence of medical facilities
  • Proof that you and receiver are correlated to each other if applicable
  • The receiver’s financial condition and bank declarations
  • The receiver’s immigration position in Canada, so verify that they are a resident or a permanent citizen
  • Documents and evidence of how you as the donor and the receiver were matched with each other to evade the possibility that it was done through unlawful organ smuggling networks
  • Proof that the place where you come from is not an identified place where organ smuggling occurs
  • Proof that you will not take any paybacks (financial or else) from donating your organ.

If any papers are not in English or French, then you should have them interpreted and verified by a certified interpreter.

How to Apply

The visa appeal procedure for the Intending Organ Donors Visa has the following stages.

  • Ensure your admissibility to apply for an Intending Organ Donor Visa
  • Conform the Application Form
  • Assemble the file of obligatory documents for a Canadian Organ donor visa
  • Hold for processing and reply to further requests for info.
  • Forward your passport to prescribed address for stamping

Visa Charges

The application charge for the Intending Organ Donor Visa is 100 Canadian Dollar. If you have to provide biometric data, you will have to count an extra cost which is 85 Canadian Dollar. Once your visa is permitted, you will also have to compensate around 45 Canadian Dollar as the passport processing fee.

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