Visa for the Aim of Giving Birth in Canada

Visa for the Aim of Giving Birth in Canada


The visa for females to give birth in Canada is an easy Temporary Resident Visa. There are no variances in the process or what is permitted, excluding for the fact that the woman may or will be giving birth in Canada. This permit is impermanent, generally legal for six months or less. It permits females to go to Canada to visit family members, friends, or travel, but at the same time, go to a hospital or clinic and pursue support in giving birth. It does not permit the lady to claim medicinal and social aids provided to Canadian nationals. It also does not let the woman reside forever in Canada, apply for nationality, or try to apply for Canadian allotted documents. It only permits the woman to go to the hospital and pay for the treatment to give birth. When she gives birth, the child automatically becomes a Canadian resident and may claim a Canadian passport even if the parents are not inhabitants or residents.

Admissibility Standards

In demand to meet the requirements to obtain a visa which lets a woman go to Canada to give birth, there are specific necessities that she should accomplish. These necessities are not different from the obligations of a Visitor Visa. The aim for this is that the Canadian Embassy does not consider women who are expecting giving birth as exceptional cases for visa claims. The fact that a claimant is pregnant, except it is medically unsafe, cannot make a woman unqualified for a Canadian Visa. Because of this, the provisions for this are as follows:

  • The admissibility necessities for all Temporary Resident Visas.
  • Have sufficient financial supports to pay for your hospital bill to give birth.
  • Be prepared to go through a medical checkup if the Canadian Embassy requests you. For this permit, it is generally not obligatory except you have a high-risk pregnancy.

If you do not reach to these necessities, the Canadian Embassy will want additional evidence. It will allow you to submit more papers to persuade them that they should grant you a visa.

Required Documents

Within the appeal page, you will also have to provide the resulting supportive papers:

  • Your bank or other financial declarations to verify you have sufficient reserves for the trip to Canada, and they reside in the hospital to give birth.
  • Copy of your travel ticket if you have already booked your flight, or just an explanation of what you plan to do when in Canada, so you can state that you plan to give birth.
  • An invitation letter from your family members or friends if valid.
  • A Statement Letter from you to the Government of Canada where you clarify why they should provide you with a visa for the aim of giving birth in Canada;
  • Two copies of photographs that meet the Canada Photo Necessities.

In adding, if you have papers in any other language except for English or French, you should translate them. The translation must be certified by a qualified translator.

How to Apply

If you are travelling to Canada to give birth, then you should appeal to the permit. The application procedure is not much changed from a visitor visa, but there are several stages you should follow.

  1. Ensure your admissibility for the Canada visa for the aim of giving Birth.
  2. Provide to the Consulate with all the documents obligatory for a Canada visa for giving birth.
  3. Submit the appeal.
  4. Hold for processing and reply to further requirements for information.
  5. Forward your passport for stamping.

It is suggested that you state that you are expecting to give birth anywhere in your application. If you try to secrete your pregnancy since you do not know whether they will grant you the visa, then the Canadian Embassy can reject your application because you were not honest.

Visa Charges

The charges for the visa to give birth in Canada are similar to all Temporary Resident Visas. You will have to compensate 100 Canadian Dollar for the appeal and an extra 85 Canadian Dollar if you have to give your biometric data. Lastly, if your visa is granted, you will have to pay around 45 Canadian Dollar as the passport processing fee.

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