Working Holiday Permit for Canada

Working Holiday Permit for Canada


The Working Holiday Permit is a Canadian work visa that provides work and travel openings to young people (generally students) to go to Canada to obtain a job and visit the best locations in the nation. This permit is part of the International Experience Canada (IEC) package, which permits young to work in Canada as a Young Professional, or obtain an International Internship. To meet the requirements for the IEC and the Working Holiday Canada, your country of nationality should have a treaty with Canada to exchange young workforces, or you can communicate a Familiar Organization. These well-known organizations support young people with their appeals and in obtaining a job for a charge for IEC Canada. Instances of Familiar Organizations that support youth who desire a Working Holiday Visa include:

  • SWAP Working Holidays
  • GO International
  • Stepwest

If your home nation is one of those that has the contract with Canada or you choose a Familiar Organization, then you can initiate the Working Holiday Canada procedure. With this permit, you will achieve an Open Work Permit, which signifies that you can visit Canada and then find a job. The permit is useful when you desire to travel in Canada and work in diverse places and for different companies, but you do not have a job proposal so far. The Working Holiday Visa permits you to reside in Canada for one year and then go back to your country. Throughout this period, you are allowed to change proprietors and visit anywhere you want inside the country.

How to Apply

The application method for the Working Holiday Visa can take some time and has these stages:

Stage 1: Make International Experience Canada Profile: In demand to get into the claimant pool, you will have to conform your profile to the Government of Canada, as follows:

  • Make your Government of Canada account with your GCKey or bank information in their authorized website
  • Take the admissibility assessment, which will ask you queries about:
    • Country of living
    • Country of nationality
    • Country of permanent living
    • If you have a job proposal
    • If you are holding student status
  • If the system identifies that you are qualified for the IEC, it will take you to the page where you have to fill up and complete your profile forms
  • Complete the profile forms with the required info (personal data, passport number, travel info, contact number, etc.)
  • Conform your profile and find out whether the system decide that you can go in the pool for the working holiday visa

You do not require to complete your whole profile instantly, but you should complete it and submit it within sixty days of initiating it.

Stage 2: Go in the Pool of Claimants: The Government of Canada has a pool of claimants for each group of the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program. Afterwards, you complete your profile, and you can go to the pool of claimants for which you are qualified. You should go to the pool of applicants for the Working Holiday Visa. You might be qualified for more than one pool, so, for instance, you can go in both the Young Workforces and the Working Holiday Permit. Still, you cannot go in twice for one pool of applicants. You will be in the pool of claimants for one purpose, so for one year. If the period ends and you do not receive the invitation to apply, then you should submit your profile again.

Stage 3: Obtain an Invitation to Submit Application: Throughout one season, there are different schedules when the Government of Canada randomly choices applicants from a pool and requests them to apply. You can inspect the schedule for the rounds of invites, the number of applicants in the pool, and your probabilities of being selected from the web portal. If you get selected for an invitation, it will display as a message on your account. You can then admit the invitation or decline it. When you are invited, you will have ten days to decide on the invitation. If you reject the invitation, you then continue to stay in the applicant pool for the next circular of invites. If you are in multiple pool, you will have to deny one invitation to get the other.

Stage 4: Applying for a Work Permit: As you will only have twenty days to submit the appeal for a work permit, you should begin instantly. You will first require to fill out the required forms with the info you conformed when you conformed your details profile. For the Working Holiday work visa, you will have a unit where it will inquire you about your proposal for a job. You must do the following:

  • In the arena of the Offer of Employment Number, you must type “A9999999.”
  • Choose “No” in the question “Has your employer paid the Employer Compliance Fee?”
  • In the company address field type “Non-applicable – Working Holiday.”

Once you complete all the forms, the system will produce a list of supportive documents that you have to provide. This list is personalized, but it can comprise the resulting:

  • Police clearance certificates
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
  • Medical Checkup
  • Passport and Digital Photograph
  • Submit other forms:
    • IMM 5645: Family Information
    • IMM 5707: Family Information
    • Schedule 1: Appeal for a Temporary Resident Permit Made Outside Canada

If you are using a Well-known Organization, provide a letter which verifies that the well-known organization is supporting you for your Working Holiday Permit in Canada.

Stage 5: Compensate the Charges and Submit the Application: You must compensate the International Experience Canada charge of 100 Canadian Dollar and the Open Work Permit Holder fee of 100 Canadian Dollar for the Working Holiday Visa. If you are requested to provide biometric information, you will also have to reimburse an extra biometrics charge of 85 Canadian Dollar. Compensate these dues and then conform the appeal for the work visa. The Government of Canada will go through the application and inform you whether you are qualified or not. If you are, they will let you know of the next phases you should take. The Embassy may ask you to go through an interview. You should fulfil their requirements, or your work permit application will be rejected.

Stage 6: Obtain Your PoE Letter and Travel to Canada: If your appeal is permitted, you will receive a Letter of Introduction (LoI) or Port of Entry (PoE) Letter to Canada. You should have that letter with you at entire times when you travel. You can now book your itinerary for Canada and find housing. When you first arrive in Canada, you will require to have with you these documents:

  • Your valid passport
  • Your PoE letter or LoI
  • Evidence that you have sufficient financial coverage for your stay in Canada for the first three months and the amount is 2500 Canadian Dollar
  • evidence that you have valid health coverage in Canada
  • A return itinerary from Canada to your country of residence or adequate funds to buy a ticket
  • Copies of the supportive documents from your work permit appeal (See: Stage 4)

The legitimacy of your work permit is at the will of the Canadian Embassy, but it generally is for one year. When your work permit expires, you should go back to your country, or you will face the threat of deportation.

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