Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada


The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Canada is a travel document for individuals from nations that do not require a visa. It is express permission to arrive in Canada and permits you to board a flying or other mood of travelling. It is used as an alternative to the Canada Visitor Visa, so it assists the same purpose. With the eTA, you can arrive in Canada and visit family members or friends, or just travel around in Canada. You are permitted to stay for a short duration, generally six months or a lesser amount of it. You are not legalized to try to stay forever or appeal for a Canadian nationality. You are also not permitted to apply for any Canadian issued papers or request Canadian aids such as health assistance. The eTA is a much quicker version of the visa, and it does not need as several documents as a permit does. So, if you meet the necessities for the eTA, you are not allowed to appeal for a visa if you are utilizing it for the aim of just travelling. You will require a permit if you want to work, study, or get citizenship in Canada.     

Requirements for eTA

To be qualified for the eTA in Canada, the applicant should attain a few standards, such as:

  • The applicant should be from one of the countries listed below.







British citizen

British National (Overseas)

British overseas citizens

British Subject with a right of abode in the United Kingdom

Brunei Darussalam





Czech Republic







Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, must have a passport issued by Hong Kong SAR.




Israel, must have an Israeli national passport



Republic of Korea









New Zealand


Papua New Guinea



Romania (electronic passport holders only)


San Marino




Solomon Islands




Taiwan, must have an ordinary passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan that includes the personal identification number

United Arab Emirates

Vatican City State, must have a passport or travel document issued by the Vatican.


  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old, and if you are less than of it, a parent or custodian must apply on your behalf.
  • The applicant should have sufficient funds to cover the stay in Canada.
  • The applicant should not have been sentenced to any criminalities and must not have a criminal record.
  • The applicant should have a legal passport allotted from your government.
  • The applicant should be fit and without any unsafe medicinal problems which might make you search for medical handling in Canada that you cannot manage. If you are looking for medicinal treatment in Canada, you must state that and verify you have sufficient capitals to cover your hospital visits and medication.
  • The applicant should aim to return to your home nation and have solid ties to your home country;
  • The applicant should not aim to study or work in Canada.

Canada eTA Application Procedures

To apply for the eTA, you should reach the suitability standards and necessities. The appeal is easy and fast, and you will only require these documents:

  • A legal passport delivered by one of the countries stated above.
  • A valid email ID.
  • A debit, or credit card allotted by:
    • American Express, Visa, Mastercard.
    • Union Pay.
    • JCB Card.
    • Interac.

Starting the eTA application: If you have these papers, then you can initiate the appeal procedure by going to the official Government of Canada website and the only place where you can apply for an eTA. If you are provided other directives or a different website to apply for an eTA, you should not follow it because someone may be trying to cheat you. After you go to this link, you will then have to put the ensuing data on the diverse fields:

  • Particulars whether you are applying for yourself or somebody else;
  • If you are applying on behalf of somebody else, you should put in your private info;
  • The travel paper with which you are applying for the eTA and the particulars on it, such as:
    • A nation that has allotted it
    • The number of the passport
    • Date when it was distributed and date of expiration
  • Other personal info, such as:
    • Your first and last name
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Marital status
  • Details of any previous visits in Canada or if you have ever had a visa;
  • Employment information;
  • Contact information (e-mail address);
  • Residential address;
  • Travel information such as:
    • Dates of travel to Canada
    • Flight number (if you have already scheduled your travel)
  • Queries about your background:
    • Previously refused applications for a visa in Canada
    • Criminal history
    • Medical history
  • Consent and declaration (date and signature).

You should ensure that you put in the correct passport number and info. If you put the incorrect specifics about your travel paper, then you will not be permitted to get in your flight even if your eTA was permitted. You will have to begin the application process again, pay the fee, and wait for processing.

eTA Fees

Once you apply with the info mandatory, you will be forwarded to a website to complete your compensation of the Electronic Travel Authorization. Every eTA charges Canadian Dollar 7, so you need to recompense this charge beforehand you submit your appeal. If you do not pay the fee, the application will not be managed from the Canadian Embassy. After you submit the cost, you will obtain an email validation that your appeal was acknowledged and is being processed.

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