Researcher and Guest Scientist Visa

Researcher and Guest Scientist Visa

Germany is considered the land of invention and innovation. Recently the country has become an attractive opening for researchers of diverse fields, amid other experts. The Western European nation has unlocked its doors for all those willing to carry researches and have all sorts of means to do so. Because of German visa rules, reliant on your citizenship, you may require a Researcher visa to arrive in the country.

Who Requires a Germany Researcher and Guest Scientist Visa?

If you are a scientist desire to research in Germany, you may require a visa to do so conferring to your citizenship. You will not require to appeal for a Germany Researcher and Guest Scientist Visa if you are a:

  • National of one of the associate nations of the European Union, the European Economic Area or the European Free Trade Area
  • Citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Republic of South Korea, or the United States of America

National of any of the rest of the world nations not stated above, you should get a visa in demand to be qualified to arrive in Germany and develop your research.

Germany Researcher Visa Necessities

Applying for a Germany long-stay Researcher Visa requires to meet several necessities, in demand to verify you are qualified to enter the nation and develop your research. The needed documents for a Germany long-stay Researcher Visa are as follows:

  • Completed and signed visa appeal form
  • Legal passport with the validity of at least six months
  • Two same passport size photos meeting the visa photo guidelines
  • Evidence of housing in Germany
  • Cover letter explaining the purpose, period of your stay in Germany
  • NOC of your local university or research institute, which confirms that you have contractual commitments in your home nation
  • An invitation letter from a German university or research organization 
  • Evidence of academic qualification 
  • Evidence of bought health insurance for researchers

Remember that every original document has to be provided with 2 (two) copies. Do not staple any of the documents.  

How to Apply

There are some stages that you should follow, to appeal for a long-stay Researcher Visa. The steps are:

  • Finalize the appeal form for a Germany long-stay Researcher Visa. The appeal form must BE FILLED ONLINE, and then printed tow copies. Give your signature on the form
  • Gather all the needed documents, rendering to their stipulations listed
  • After you have gathered all the needed documents, counting the appeal form, make a photocopy of each original document twice.
  • Book an appointment via the web portal of the German consulate in your nation
  • Appear in the interview on the particular day of your visa interview appointment
  • Compensate for the visa fee and keep the money receipt. It will require on the day of passport delivery

Extending Your Researcher Visa

You can extend your Researcher Visa, but you should follow some steps in demand to complete the visa extension appeal procedure. These stages are as itemized below:

  • Schedule an appointment with the foreigners’ registration bureau  
  • Appear on the day of the appointment and bring the documents that prove why you want to extend your Visa, counting:
    • A cover letter explaining the reason
    • A formal letter from the research university or institution confirming that they would like you to carry on for a few extra months with your research
  • Compensate for the visa extension fee, which is about 80 euro

Bringing Spouse and Children

Later you get your Researcher Long-Stay Visa and come to Germany, and you have the option to bring your children and legal partner with you. Please note that it is needed for your children to be underage and not wedded. It would help if you also accomplished additional necessities as:

  • Evidence of accommodation for the household members
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds means to support your family
  • Evidence that these household members have a minimum of basic German knowledge
  • Your legal partner is also qualified to work in Germany during his or her stay

After You Reach in Germany with a Researcher Visa

When you arrive in Germany with your Researcher visa, you require to accomplish some other steps, as follows:

  • Visit the Registration Office to register your address in Germany
  • Schedule an Appointment for a Researcher Residence Permit. You must also obtain a German residence authorization in demand for your stay in Germany to be lawful
  • Appear in the interview for a Germany researcher residence permit

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