Schengen Visitor Visa

Schengen Visitor Visa

Schengen Visitor Visa is actually a short-stay entrance permit delivered to visit household members or friends living in any of the Schengen Area associate nations. It lets its bearer to stay in this region for up to 90 days, in 180 days, and travel through the associate nations without being a subject to internal border checks.

How to Apply

You will require to follow and complete some steps in demand to complete your application for any Schengen Visa for visiting relatives or friends in Europe. Every step is vital for obtaining Schengen visitor visa:

Fill and complete the appeal form: The appeal form for a Schengen Visitor visa covers queries on your personal information. After you complete the form, get a printed copy, and sign duly.     

Find when to appeal: It is wise to submit Schengen Visitor Visa appeal 4 to 6 weeks before your intended trip.  The initial you can apply is six months before your trip, and the latest is 15 days prior to your journey to your destination in the Schengen Region.

Collect all the required documents: You will require to submit many documents as a part of your Schengen Visa appeal. The following documents that you require to submit to appeal for a Schengen visitor visa:

  • Schengen Visitor Visa Appeal Form.
  • Two photos in line with the Schengen visa photograph necessities
  • A valid passport
  • Photocopies of the biodata page of your passport (must be clear)
  • Previous passports (if appropriate)
  • Personal cover letter covering the purpose of your travel and the duration of your stay
  • No Objection Letter from the company or education institute
  • Schengen area medical insurance
  • Evidence of reserved flight itineraries 
  • Evidence of accommodation for your stay
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means

Please take note that you might have to submit some extra documents depending on your nationality.

Book a visa interview: make the appointment for your visa interview

Attend the interview: Have all your documents prepared before the day of your interview. Attend the interview on time

Provide Biometric Information: As a standard Schengen instruction, all tourists appealing to obtain a visa to the Schengen Zone for the first time will have to give their biometric information. Schengen visa application biometric information comprises your fingerprints and facial image.

Pay the Visitor Schengen visa charge: It charges 80 Euro to appeal for a Schengen visitor visa. In some nations, you will have the chance to compensate for the Schengen visa fee online.

Schengen Visitor Visa Validity

A Schengen Visitor Visa is legal for up to 90 days in six months, within the whole region of Schengen. But, it is all up to the Schengen embassy, which manages your appeal, how long they choose to allow you to stay in Schengen.