Mobile Phone Throwing Is an Official Sport In Finland!

Mobile Phone Throwing Is an Official Sport In Finland!
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Did you know that Finland hosts the world championships for mobile phone throwing every year in August?

Mobile phone throwing is, in fact, a recognized sport in Finland.

On numerous occasions, many of us have thrown our cell phones. Perhaps because the network was poor during a crucial conversation, we were upset with our significant other, or we were simply sick of scrolling around the clock.

Have you ever thought that in any country, throwing cell phones may be viewed as a legal sport? 

Let's start with the background.

A little history of mobile phone throwing sports

In Savonlinna, Finland, a translation and interpreting business named Fennolingua first organized this thrilling activity in 2000. To what end, though? They had good intentions; I suppose. They gave their workers and other people the idea to hurl their phones in frustration.

For your information, nobody hurled their own cell phones. Instead, they used the given cell phones for this sport. Additionally, the distance traveled was used to determine the winners. Anyway, it was great fun, and people just loved it so much. Since 2000, every year in August, Finland has organized the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships. It also became an official sport in Finland.

Some other nations have taken to this sport and established national competitions, such as Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

At the National Mobile Phone Throwing Championships in Kessel-Lo, Belgium, Dries Feremans, the current world record holder, hurled a phone 110.42 meters. 110.42 meters, indeed! more than a football field's worth of space. That certainly seems unreal.

Rules of mobile throwing competition

Your children are welcome to participate in the sport, which has four categories. They are Juniors, Freestyle, Original, and Team Original. Let's look at the guidelines for each of these four areas right now.


A maximum one-minute gap will be allowed between each of the participant's two allowable mobile phone throws. The age limit is 12 years old or younger. The winner will be the person who throws the cell phone the farthest. Each competitor gets two shots.


There is no upper age limit for Freestyle. A team of up to three people or an individual may throw. Your throwing technique, aesthetics, and overall appearance will all be evaluated. One throw per participant. The performance will be evaluated by a jury panel of three people, with grades ranging from 1 to 6. The contestant who earns the highest score prevails.


In this category, you must throw normally, which is over the shoulder, and only the throw's length will be considered. And the winner is the contestant who travels the farthest distance. Two throws per contestant, with the longest throw being measured. Throws must be made using distinct mobile devices, one after the other, with a maximum of one minute between them. Men's and women's personal series

Team Original

Each team will have a maximum of three members, one male and one female. One throw per participant. Scores for each team member will be totaled. The winner is determined by the highest score. An official jury panel is present at all times to oversee, accept, and approve throws and outcomes. Sadly, appeals are not possible.

Who provides all those mobile phones?

This incredibly fascinating sporting event is sponsored by various businesses, which also provide all of the cell phones. These smartphones must weigh between 220 gm and 400 gm. Additionally, participants are free to select the phone they wish to toss. You can try it now if you have a dead mobile phone. Simply use your arm strength to throw it and see how far you can get. Please, nevertheless, remember to return the phone after the game is finished. Keep the environment clean, please.