Noveto: You Can Now Listen to Music with Invisible Headphones

Noveto: You Can Now Listen to Music with Invisible Headphones
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What is Noveto N1?

Do you ever imagine hearing about invisible headphones? No! Neither do I. But that's what Noveto is referring to as its new main product, the N1. Carl Pei's Nothing brand appears to have lost out to the Kickstarter-funded company Noveto and the very powerful trade exhibition CES 2022 in the race to develop a headphone that isn't actually, well, physically there.

The N1 is marketed as a cutting-edge smart audio gadget that includes Noveto's own smart audio beaming technology and built-in Alexa intelligence. Without disturbing others or requiring the use of headphones, the N1 produces an immersive binaural audio experience. Attendees will have the chance to engage in "a new sort of sensory listening experience" at Pepcom and throughout CES, according to Noveto's.

How does it work?

By quietly transmitting ultrasound through the air and concentrating it in audible pockets just beyond the listener's ears, Noveto's patented smart audio beaming technology creates an effect similar to wearing invisible headphones. The user is submerged in 3D spatial audio sound, while those around them only hear a whisper of sound. In order to ensure that the 3D immersive music follows the user, the N1 incorporates facial recognition technology that makes use of motion sensors and AI-integrated technologies.

The N1 boasts the first headphone-free binaural capabilities for use at home or at the office, providing users with a natural, intelligent, and intuitive way to fully immerse themselves in music, video calls, exercise routines, meditation, and casual games without upsetting coworkers or other family members.

Users can converse easily and naturally with the N1 thanks to the integration of this new listening experience, AI-based face tracking, and Alexa speech recognition, which enables users to speak with Alexa without having to say "Hey Alexa" over and over again. When the user looks at N1, the device will recognize and interact with them. It will also impromptu give services and suggestions depending on user profiles and unique prompts, such as informing a particular user how many unread emails they have in their inbox. Anyone nearby will only hear background noise due to the enhanced directional sound clarity, which offers discretion and concentrates on private calls.

According to Noveto, the N1's multimodal mode of communication is intended to improve the user's connection with the device and give video conference call participants the impression that they are in the same room while lowering the amount of noise that is generated inside the home or office. This highly customized audio experience creates a cocoon for prolonged enjoyment of preferred podcasts or meditations without worrying about the discomfort many individuals experience while wearing headphones over their ears.

Christophe Ramstein, CEO of Noveto, states that "N1 creates a truly spectacular sound experience." It's unprecedented and has the potential to transform how we live and work. We are going back to a beautiful, intuitive style of communication that is currently absent from our daily lives with our devices. Imagine the effectiveness and comfort of intimate discussions without devices on the body. Moreover, this is just the beginning.

The N1 is future-proof and can be readily upgraded thanks to Noveto's development of proprietary software and a unique chipset. This guarantees that it will continue to be a cutting-edge and intelligent communication device.


  • Smart audio beaming technology for personal 3D sound 
  • Audio volume up to 85dB SPL 
  • Audio privacy up to 90% (20dB) audio reduction 1 meter (3 ft) from listener 
  • Smart assistant compatible desktop device (Alexa) 
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB-C and 3.5mm analog jack 
  • HAL (Heuristic Activity LED) embedded LED circle for live feedback 
  • Built-in microphone array 
  • Built-in face ID 
  • Noveto App, available on iOS and Android 
  • Over-the-air updates (OTA) 

Pricing & availability

The Noveto N1 is being shown to the public for the first time at the 2022 CES in Las Vegas and will begin shipping to customers at a price of $800.