Avoid these Mistakes in Your Maldives Trip

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  • November 18, 2022
Avoid these  Mistakes in Your Maldives Trip

The Maldives, a group of more than 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, are well-known for their crystal-clear green waters, stunning beaches that stretch for miles, and of course, their opulent overwater bungalows. There are a few considerations for everyone traveling to the Maldives. Here are some common mistakes to avoid in the Maldives so that you may go on your trip completely prepared, whether you are still in the planning stages or are already relaxing by your infinity pool in the Baa Atoll.

Visiting only one island

The first thing to know about the Maldives is that the majority of resorts are located on their own private island. In fact, hotels around the archipelago typically take the one island, one resort strategy. Geographically speaking, this makes sense given that there are 200 inhabited islands and at least 1,192 unoccupied islands in the Maldives. Make sure to island hop while traveling to the location, whether you do so by booking accommodations at various resorts throughout your trip, lease a boat, or go on a day trip to an adjacent atoll.

Not going until your honeymoon

Not going until your honeymoon

The Maldives will always be a favourite honeymoon destination because of its enticing overwater bungalows and passionate sunsets. However, you shouldn't save this location for a romantic holiday with a companion or your honeymoon. The Maldives are equally suitable for a family vacation or a getaway for the girls. In fact, the Maldives has a large number of family-friendly island resorts. The Maldives is not just a destination for couples; it is also a place where you can unwind and put your everyday cares at home. This luxury shouldn't be limited to honeymooners.

Avoiding the local culture

Avoiding the local culture

Due of the Maldives' reputation as a beach vacation, its South Asian influences are frequently overlooked, a problem that also affects several South Pacific islands. The local culture is a singular fusion of influences from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Africa. Really, the only place to taste this powerful blend is here in the Maldives. Instead of merely sticking to resort dining, you may experience Maldivian culture firsthand by going to music and dance performances or eating local cuisine. To understand more about the local way of life, you can also plan a day trip to a nearby village island.

Assuming the Maldives can’t be budget-friendly

The Maldives are known for being a luxurious, exclusive vacation spot. But if you look for connecting flights across Europe or Asia, you can truly travel to the Maldives on a budget. Even the price isn't too expensive. Staying at an inexpensive hotel, such as the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, will help you save money. Regarding inexpensive attractions, living in the Maldives doesn't necessarily require renting boats and scuba diving off the deck of an overwater villa. There are a variety of ways to take in the natural splendor of the Maldives, such as participating in ongoing initiatives like planting parts of a 3D-printed reef at Summer Island or planting coral to help protect the Maldivian reefs. Additionally, while guests at a resort may be able to snorkel along the house reefs of the resort, individuals choosing to rent a home can easily snorkel on certain public beaches in place.

Not considering an all-inclusive resort

Consider the cost of food and alcohol when looking at lodging options in the Maldives. You're on an island in the middle of the ocean, so shipping your preferred spirits is expensive. Due to the fact that the cost of food and drink is included in the nightly rate and resort fees, many travelers choose for an all-inclusive resort instead of a more expensive option like a budget hotel.

Forgetting the reef-safe sunscreen at home

The sun's rays strike the Maldivian islands at a 90-degree angle because they are located on the equator. In other words, because the sun is so powerful, your sunscreen should be waterproof, SPF-rich, and frequently reapplied. Pack hats, visors (which are making a comeback), light, breathable full-sleeve shirts, and long pants for times you need extra protection from the sun. Reef-safe sunscreen is essential when traveling to any location where the natural reef is a major draw. Before visiting the islands, buy reef-safe sunscreen to aid in the continuing environmental efforts to protect the Maldivian reefs.

Not combining the Maldives with a trip to Southeast Asia or the Middle East

The Maldives, an isolated tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, is actually relatively reachable from important Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian centers like Sri Lanka and Dubai (four hours by direct flight from the Maldives) (a three-hour flight from the Maldives). The Maldives can be easily added on to a trip to Dubai, Sri Lanka, or any other destination that flies directly to either port thanks to a fantastic range of flight deals in partnership with airlines and carriers like Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar Airways.