How to Write a 'Thank You' Email After an Interview

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  • March 24, 2023
How to Write a 'Thank You' Email After an Interview
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The first exciting step is getting an interview for a job you are interested in. You undoubtedly spent a lot of time before your interview practicing your best smile, carefully selecting the appropriate attire, and preparing for the questions you might be asked.

However, your work is not over after the interview. It's crucial to send a brief word of thanks to your interviewers afterward. After your interview, sending a thank-you email not only expresses your appreciation but also promotes brand awareness. This tutorial will teach you how to write an email thanking someone for an interview, why it's important, what to include and what to leave out, and will also provide you with some sample emails.

Why you should send a thank you letter after an interview

An essential last step in the interview process is sending a thank you email following the interview. There are several main goals for this email.

  • Expressing Gratitude: An interview thank you email is, first and foremost, an opportunity to express gratitude. Whether you're having an in-person or video interview, your interviewers take the time to sit down with you. A brief expression of gratitude demonstrates your consideration for others' time and your thoughtfulness.
  • Enhancing Your Advantages: In addition to expressing gratitude, you have the chance to briefly discuss a couple of the reasons why you'd be a fantastic fit for the role in an email sent after the interview. It is an excellent technique to quickly and succinctly remind your interviewers of your qualifications and achievements. This is especially crucial if numerous candidates are being considered for the position. A thank you note can help you stick out in the hiring manager's mind because it can be difficult for them to remember who they spoke with.
  • Addressing Subjects You Missed: There might have been a few crucial topics you didn't have time to address during your interview. After your interview, a thank-you letter is the ideal place to swiftly touch on those subjects.

What to include in a thank you note after an interview

When you write your interview thank you email, you’ll want to be sure to include a few key components. These items will help your email read professionally and will make the best use of your follow-up correspondence.

  • A Catchy Subject Line: Make sure to add a subject to your email to help it stand out. Include something about the job and your interview.
  • A By-Name Greeting: Be sure to address your interviewer by name. If more than one person interviewed you, send a thank you note to each person individually. This helps showcase that you paid attention to the person with whom you spoke.
  • Personalization: Make sure to write your thank you note after your interview to allow you the opportunity to personalize the letter. Include a quick recap of your conversation as well as specifics related to the company and job.
  • A Highlight of Your Skills: In the second half of your thank you email, be sure to reinforce why you are a good fit for the role. Something as simple as calling out how your experience lines up with the position or reminding your interviewer of an accomplishment that would contribute to the company are excellent ways to put your name at the top of their list.
  • A Sincere Thanks: A thank you interview email wouldn’t be complete without taking a moment to express your gratitude.
  • An Invitation for Further Discussion or Questions: As you wrap up your email, be sure to invite the hiring manager to reach out with any questions and call out that you look forward to speaking again soon.
  • Your Contact Information: Make sure to close out your email with your name, email address, and phone number.

What not to include in a thank you email after an interview

To make your thank you note after an interview a professional letter, make sure to avoid these no-nos:

  • Casual Tone: While you want to come across as personable in your email, keep your tone professional. Avoid the use of slang, emojis, or abbreviations.
  • Aggressive Approach: A thank you note is a great way to take a proactive approach to landing a job. However, avoid writing a letter that sounds too aggressive. Ultimately, the hiring manager will decide based on what they learned in your interview. Badgering a hiring manager with too many emails or too strong of an approach can come off as rude.
  • Errors: Always run your email through a spelling and grammar check. Consider having another person read your email before hitting send to ensure the note doesn’t contain any errors.
  • A Lengthy Explanation: While you do want to include a quick recap of the interview and your strengths, make sure you keep your note concise. This email should not be a rewrite of your full resume and cover letter. It should be a quick summary.