Did You Know One in Five Young Adults in America Use Their Smartphones During Sex?

Did You Know One in Five Young Adults in America Use Their Smartphones During Sex?
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It's likely that you feel the same way about your smartphone. But tell me the truth: have you really thought about how much you love your smartphone?

 A study that was conducted approximately two years ago (sorry, they don't make them every year) found that nearly one in ten people who own smartphones in the United States admit to using their handset (handset, not hands!) during sex! One in five people between the ages of 18 and 34 has acknowledged using their smartphones while in the midst of sexual activity. This demographic, in particular, is particularly into using their smartphones during intercourse.

In the poll that was conducted by Harris Interactive for the company Jumio, the respondents were not asked what it is that they are "using" their phones for. It's possible that there's something a lot shadier going on here. The most likely explanation for this phenomenon is that a large number of people are stealthily checking their iPhones to see if they have any new messages or comments on the posts they have made on Facebook.

Additionally, smartphones are having an effect on our relationships in the following ways: According to the findings of the study, one third of individuals use them when out on dinner dates, while another third of adults do so while going to the movies. Twelve percent of those surveyed expressed the opinion that they believe their smartphones interfere with the quality of their personal relationships. At the very least, we must acknowledge that there is a problem, right?

More than 1,100 adults in the United States participated in an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive, and the results served as a startling reminder of just how dependent on technology we have become. Take a look at the additional contexts in which people admit using their smartphones, including:

Perhaps most unsettling: 55% of people polled admitted to using their smartphone while behind the wheel, despite the numerous risks to public safety that are posed by texting while driving. Despite the fact that driving while using a handheld cellphone is illegal in eleven states and texting while driving is illegal in forty-one states,

In light of these findings, the fact that twelve percent of smartphone users surveyed feel that their device is causing problems in their personal relationships should not come as much of a surprise. Marc Barach, who works in marketing and may also be a psychologist in his spare time, explained the phenomenon by saying that "people see their smartphones as an extension of themselves and bring them everywhere they go."

Furthermore, he mentioned that nearly thirty percent of adults surveyed have admitted to spying on someone else's device out of concerns for their own privacy. This is just one of the many slightly sinister ways that technology is creeping up on our day-to-day interactions, and it is just one of the many ways that technology is creeping up on our daily interactions. Sexual life is included. Are we truly ready to manage the plethora of personal information that can be shared thanks to the constant connectivity and internet socializing that is available to us? Should we be concerned about the generations that will come after us? Concerning the survival of our species?