What is the RAM of the World's Fastest Computer?

What is the RAM of the World's Fastest Computer?
Frontier: the fastest super computer | Photo file:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, an American multinational IT business, with its partner Cray built the world's fastest computer, Frontier, in 2022. It is the first supercomputer in the world capable of doing computations at the high - performance level, or at least one quintillion (1018) per second.

The benchmark shows that Frontier's 8,730,112 cores are good for 1.1 EFLOPS (or exaflops). It is built on the most recent HPE Cray EX235a architecture and is powered by AMD's third-generation 64-core 2GHz 7A53s CPUs and MI250X GPUs. In terms of power efficiency, Frontier is likewise the best in the world, with a rating of 52.23 gigaflops/watt. To put that in perspective, each of its 74 computer cabinets weighs in at over 8,000 pounds (3.63 tons), and the total cost of the system is an astounding $600 million.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, is the new home of this supercomputer. Memory access speed is determined by RAM (Random Access Memory) in a computer. How much RAM with random access does Frontier's fastest computer have? As for how much memory it contains, the correct figure is 48,49,064,096 GB. This is equal to 47,000,360 terabytes, the next higher unit of measurement. We currently utilize around 8 GB of RAM on our home or business laptops. It is now pretty clear how fast the fastest computer could go.

The Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Frontier, formerly known as the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility-5 (OLCF-5), is the first exascale supercomputer. This year marks the beginning of its official operations. Frontier, the first supercomputer ever built, has the first CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) from AMD (Graphics Processing Unit). The maximum throughput for Frontier is 1.102 exaflops/s.