Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits for Home Growing by Anyone

Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits for Home Growing by Anyone
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Not only trendy restaurants and top chefs grow their own fresh herbs. With the help of an indoor herb garden kit, you may enjoy the farm-fresh advantages that nature has to offer. With the help of an herb garden kit, you can grow and harvest culinary herbs at home, giving you an immediate source of fresh, healthy foods.

Here are our top selections for indoor herb garden kits to help your home become more eco-friendly and your meals taste even better.

Overall Best - Herb Seed Starter Kit for Cooking

The Burpee herb garden kit is budget-friendly and simple to use. Dill, parsley, cilantro, sweet basil, and chives are just a few of the most well-liked herbs you can use to prepare all of your favorite recipes. We like the inclusion of biodegradable pots in this set to lessen carbon emissions.

Five coir pellets manufactured from coconut husks, an alternative to the usual soil used for repotting plants, are included with the seed packets for five different herbs. Additionally, there are five markers to help in keeping track of your herbs.


  • Made using eco - friendly materials
  • Coir pellets are clean
  • Affordable


  • It will be necessary to replace biodegradable pots

Ideal for Beginners - Herb Garden Growing Kit

The entire herb garden kit from the reasonably priced EnviroGarden comes with three pots, three seed bags, nine coir soil wafers, and a pretty tray. Your herb-growing journey will begin with basil, parsley, and rosemary, the ideal plants for novices who are just getting started.

In this indoor herb garden kit, the wooden plant markers contrast wonderfully with the shining vintage metal pots. You may even put these in your living room or workplace to add some greenery there as they are narrow enough for your kitchen windowsill. You can leave your plants in the pots longer and avoid overwatering because the pots already have drain holes.


  • Everything is present
  • Handmade by a small business
  • Ideal for narrow places


  • Only contains three herbs

Excellent for Compact Room- Growing Kit for Hanging Parsley

A three-compartment hanging bag made of eco-friendly cloth is included with this herb package from Touch of Eco. It is the best option for small places like apartments and dorm rooms (along with these small indoor plants). Choose from three different herbs for your growing kit; this one comes with parsley, but you can also choose from basil and oregano. If you choose to get all three, you won't go broke because of their affordable price.


  • Design that saves space
  • Sustainable materials
  • Organic seeds


  • There is no hanging hardware provided

Greatest for Preparing Beverages - Blend for Cocktails and Mocktails by AeroGarden

Three different varieties of basil, including Genovese, Thai, and lime, are included in AeroGarden's combination of herbs for cocktails and mocktails. They're great for beginning gardeners because these grow pods already include seeds. Along with a grow dome for optimal germination, specially formulated liquid plant food, and an easy-to-read growing manual with detailed instructions, you will also receive these items.


  • Having herbs that are great for creating entertaining drinks
  • Simple to use
  • Fantastic for smaller spaces
  • A grow dome promotes the best germination
  • Up to six months of nonstop harvesting are possible


  • The AeroGarden growing unit is sold separately

Most Effective Hydroponic Garden- AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

You can grow up to six herbs at once with this AeroGarden hydroponic garden kit: mint, parsley, dill, thyme, and two varieties of basil. For this set, you don't need to find a window with direct sunlight because the grow light it comes with gives your herbs all the light they require.

This hydroponic indoor herb garden kit allows plants to grow up to five times more quickly than they would in regular soil. And using it is so simple! Simply place the seed pods in your indoor garden, supplement them with water and fertilizer, plug them in, and watch your herbs flourish. We like the backlit buttons that alert you when the plant food and water levels are low.


  • Contains a grow light
  • Automatic timer
  • It is reusable


  • Must use seed pods with their brand

Recommended for Large Spaces- Culinary Herb Kit with Stack & Grow Planter

If you enjoy cooking and creating your own soaps, tinctures, and teas, this Stack & Grow herb kit is a great option. This stackable planter's dimensions of 2 feet broad by 15 inches tall making it ideal for a tall bay window. This indoor herb kit has space for 20 plants and comes with seed packs for basil, dill, oregano, parsley, mustard, and chives.

You'll also receive a drip tray, a 12-cell seed tray, and 12 compressed soil pucks (just add water). Its layered construction allows water to travel through to the lower layers, ensuring that every plant has enough to drink. When it's time to water your plants, simply pour them into the top level. This planter is made of durable BPA-free plastic and may be reused again throughout the year.


  • Up to 20 different herbs can be grown
  • offered in three colors
  • Wheels facilitate the movement of this.
  • Contains a hanging chain for lifting


  • Pricey
  • Some assembly is necessary

Best Value for Money - Window Garden Basil Herb Kit

The basil herb garden kit from Window Garden comes with everything you need and is a great entry point into at-home container gardening for beginners who don't want to invest a lot of money. This low-cost option comes with fiber soil starters and basil seeds, as well as a mini-greenhouse that works wonders at maintaining a moist atmosphere for successful seed germination.

This indoor herb garden kit is the ideal size for your windowsill due to its small size. This miniature greenhouse can be used again to produce additional herbs, though you will need to transplant your basil into a larger pot after the seedlings have grown.


  • Very reasonable
  • There is nothing missing.
  • Ideal for a windowsill or tiny places
  • Transplanting seedlings is simple once they have grown


  • Contains only basil seeds
  • These must be transplanted as soon as the seedlings have grown.

There are also many other options but in our above investigation of the top herb garden kits, we evaluate best of each product based on its size, capacity, location, and unique features.

You can grow herbs year-round in your house because they thrive best in slightly lower temperatures. When purchasing best herb garden kits, it's important to bear in mind two characteristics to help you grow your herb garden more successfully:  Ensure that you purchase from reliable suppliers and that the kits were assembled within six months of your purchase.