Top Car Insurance Providers in the United Kingdom

Top Car Insurance Providers in the United Kingdom
Top Car Insurance Providers in U.K.

Finding the best car insurance providers in UK for your needs might be difficult because of the number of options available.

If you must have car insurance, you'll want to make sure you're obtaining the best protection at the lowest cost. Keep in mind that the cheapest prices might not offer the level of coverage you require.

What types of car insurance are offered in the UK?

Third-party, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive are the three primary categories of conventional car insurance in the UK.

  • The least expensive and required level of insurance is the third party. It does not cover damage to your own car, just harm you do to other vehicles on the road.
  • Third-party fire and theft insurance is the next tier of coverage. If your car is stolen, vandalized, or suffers significant damage, this also pays out.
  • The broadest coverage for you and your vehicle is provided by comprehensive car insurance. In the event of an accident, it will cover you, your vehicle, the other driver, and their vehicle.

There are also specialized policy kinds, including classic car, multi-car, and learner driver car insurance, within these categories.

How much is the average monthly cost of car insurance in the UK?

According to the Association of British Insurers, drivers paid an average of £470 for car insurance. This was 8% more than the previous quarter, and the insurers attributed the increase to greater repair expenses.

For new policies, an average of £531 was paid, and an average of £428 was paid to renew existing insurance. Remember that factors like your excess, car model, and age might raise the cost of your auto insurance.

Does car insurance automatically renew?

Yes. The basic role is for your agreement to automatically renew after a year when you purchase a car insurance policy.

When your policy is due for renewal, your provider will notify you between 21 and 30 days in advance. If you do nothing, the policy will automatically renew with the same excess, no-claims bonus, add-ons, fees, and levies.

It is crucial to double-check your contract to determine how many months remain before your auto-renewal begins because some policies provide a 10-month option.

Best car insurance companies in UK

Although there are more than a hundred companies in the UK that sell car insurance, the below biggest car insurance companies in UIK account for over 85% of the market. If you're thinking about making a purchase from one of them, check out our list to discover who made the cut and learn more about what makes each one special.

NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual, which serves drivers in rural areas of the nation, is quite different from the other companies on the list of the best car insurance providers in UK that it doesn't offer online quotes and is instead owned by policyholders rather than shareholders. It also has more than 300 offices nationwide, a network of more than 650 agents, and a UK-based call center to handle quotes, inquiries, and claims.


  • Courtesy vehicle
  • Cover for uninsured drivers
  • 24-hour helpline provided
  • Policies are underwritten by NFU Mutual


Due to its up to 10% multi-car discount, Aviva is one of the finest multi-car insurance providers in UK. Customers can insure up to five vehicles under one policy, but they must all be registered at the same address. The discount does not apply to optional extras. It offers protection to those who travel between several sites for work.

Almost 33 million customers are served by the international insurance firm Aviva plc, which operates in 16 different countries. Its car insurance coverage levels include comprehensive, third-party, fire, and theft insurance.


  • Automatic third-party protection for the policyholder when operating other private vehicles
  • Windscreen Cover
  • There is no additional fee for third-party, fire, theft, or windscreen claims
  • New Car concession
  • Coverage of up to €1,000 is provided in the event that the fire department is required to control or prevent a car fire or to remove you and/or your passengers from the vehicle
  • In the event that your car keys or lock transmitter are misplaced or stolen, replacement door locks, boot locks, ignition steering locks, lock transmitters, and central locking interfaces will be required


Another well-known auto insurer is Liverpool Victoria, which also goes by the name LV=. Direct sales, comparison websites, and brokers all provide LV= policies. Due to high rates of renewal from current clients and new sales following the introduction of their multi-car service, the LV= brand has recently experienced growth.


  • Discounts for covering several vehicles
  • You won't lose your priceless no-claims discount if an uninsured driver causes an accident, nor will you be required to pay an excess.
  • A good selection of coverage levels to suit various needs and spending limits


The Admiral Group, which writes policies under the brand's Admiral, Bell, Diamond,, and Gladiator, is the largest auto insurance provider in the UK, accounting for 14% of the automobile insurance market. Admiral is technically a commercial name for EUI Ltd.

Admiral also introduced the Admiral virtual assistant (AVA) for auto insurance, which enables consumers to self-serve by responding to inquiries or making changes.


  • With Admiral's multi-car coverage, you can only have one renewal date
  • Each vehicle gets a separate no-claims benefit
  • Every car receives an additional full year of no-claims bonus
  • It's not necessary to register cars at the same address


Insurance, vacations, healthcare, and a monthly magazine are just a few of the financial services and products that Saga makes available to customers 50 and older.

A panel of about seven insurers, including AXA, Covea, ABC, and Zenith, as well as Saga's own internal underwriter AICL, underwrite the vehicle plans even though the company offers insurance.


  • When more than one vehicle is insured and registered to the same address, drivers over 50 receive discounts.
  • Uninsured motorist guarantee
  • With its "Saga Select" and "Saga Plus" insurance, driving in Europe is covered at no additional cost.
  • 3-year price lock

Direct Line

Business vehicle insurance, individual multi-car discounts, and comprehensive coverage are available through Direct Line.

Customers can choose from a variety of choices to secure their homes, cars, pets, businesses, and travel arrangements. With benefits including a guaranteed rental car, onward travel, and a fair claim commitment, it strives to offer high-quality yet reasonable coverage through its car insurance options.


  • No admin fees for mid-term changes
  • In the 14-day cooling-off period, there is no cancellation cost
  • Benefits of courtesy car regulations
  • When you make a claim for getting hit while parked, pothole damage, etc.
  • NCD is protected by the fair claim commitment.

Hastings Direct

With more than 3.1 million active motor insurance policies, Hastings Direct is a fairly well-known auto insurance provider. Hastings Direct takes pride in offering customers straightforward insurance. Their policy materials reflect this, as they are simpler to understand than some of the competition.


  • Affordable policies. It offers a range of reasonably priced policies for drivers aged 17-25
  • 5-star Defaqto-rated black box telematics policy
  • 24/7 claims line


Churchill car insurance is our top selection because of its black box policy, which offers a variety of features that may be appealing to drivers who want to control the cost of car insurance by being cautious on the road.


  • Younger drivers can purchase Churchill's DriveSure telematics coverage (aged 17-25)
  • By utilizing the black box technology, you are assured of receiving a discount for the first year
  • Convenient smartphone app
  • There is an emergency hotline

John Lewis

Protection against uninsured drivers, a courtesy car if yours is not in use, and £1,000 worth of cover for misplaced keys are all included with John Lewis car insurance premiums.


  • Maximum claims satisfaction rating
  • Courtesy car
  • Cover for uninsured drivers
  • 24-hour helpline
  • Assurance contracts signed by Covea Insurance Plc

Age Co

Financial services and solutions for those over 50 are offered by Age Co. It offers solutions for financial services, funeral arrangements, independent living, and home and car insurance.

Insurance for the over-60s, insurance for the over-70s, and insurance for the over-80s make up Age Co.'s car insurance line. Consumers may choose between comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, or third-party-only coverage.


  • After an accident, a message relay service enables policyholders to contact friends and relatives
  • coverage for audio equipment with a permanent installation
  • Get You Home assistance
  • Limitless windscreen coverage
  • Car breakdown insurance
  • 180 days of annual European coverage
  • It offers optional coverage for key protection, excess protection, and automobile legal protection

Final word

Car insurance is necessary to protect you from the financial risks associated with a variety of situations, including damaging your car, causing damage to someone else's property or vehicle, harming someone with your car, and more. The top car insurance providers in UK offer you the appropriate protection at an affordable price and are available when you need them.