Best Websites to Search for Travel Insurance in Canada

Best Websites to Search for Travel Insurance in Canada
Travel Insurance in Canada

Comparing free travel insurance quotes and applying for travel coverage is easy now, it can be found online. There are various websites to search for travel insurance in Canada. Through the websites, you can easily compare various travel insurance providers and apply for the best one which suits your need.

Top websites to search for travel insurance in Canada

Below are listed the best websites to search for travel insurance in Canada when you visit there:

Aardy: Travel insurance comparison site

You can quickly compare travel insurance quotes from several travel insurance providers using the comparison search engine Aardy. The "Best Price Guarantee" and the clearly shown COVID-19 coverages are Aardy's primary advantages. Additionally, they provide rather lucid details on trip cancellation coverages, making it simple to quickly compare policies.


  • They guarantee that you won't find a lower quote with their "Best Price Guarantee."
  • Coverages for Covid-19 are prominently displayed


  • Less friendly to users
  • Just to receive a quote, you must provide your email.

Genki: Insurance for digital nomads' health

Are you a long-term tourist or a digital nomad looking for coverage in Canada? You may want to consider one of Genki's monthly plans for medical coverage. For extended stays, Genki offers medical coverage at incredibly low prices.

It's crucial to realize that Genki does not offer all-inclusive travel insurance. Currently, only medical benefits are covered; other types of insurance, such as insurance for lost luggage or rental cars, are not included. You'll probably choose a different travel insurance policy if you're concerned about trip cancellation or interruption.

The major advantages of Genki are its affordable cost and the ability to have coverage renewed automatically on a month-to-month basis. Genki is a cutting-edge product for digital nomads like myself who are mostly worried about emergency medical coverage.


  • Easy claims procedure
  • Reasonably priced monthly medical insurance


  • Not all-inclusive travel insurance; only medical (no gear, theft, or trip delay coverages) Best Overall

If you only had time for the website to search for travel insurance in Canada, you'd get a quote at It is an excellent site for quickly getting a bunch of quotes from hundreds of travel insurance companies in just one minute. Their customer reviews feature, lets you quickly see reviews from real customers.

If you're seeking a certain kind of travel insurance coverage, the search criteria are also very useful. They provide filters for policies that cover the elderly or those with pre-existing medical illnesses, as well as for CFAR ("cancel for any reason coverage") and covid-19 coverages.

The website's user-friendly interface also makes it simple to quickly compare important information and pricing.


  • A quick comparison of hundreds of insurers
  • Simple access to consumer reviews
  • Search filters for CFAR and Covid-19 coverages


  • Many options available may be overwhelming for some

Insure My Trip: Best insurance site for seniors

Another website where you can compare travel insurance for tourists to Canada from several providers is Insure My Trip. According to my studies, whether you're searching to insure someone over 70 or people with pre-existing diseases, Insure My Trip is a very good search site.

Through their "Anytime Advocates program," you can have a representative assigned to you if you need to file a claim.


  • Often locates rates for senior citizens even when other websites won't provide anything over a particular age.
  • Additionally discovers pre-existing illness quotes


  • Covid coverage information is not clearly shown
  • Inefficient user experience

VisitorsCoverage: Best comparison Site

The final site on this list of the best website to search for travel insurance in Canada is VisitorsCoverage.

You may enter a few data and get dozens of quotations from several providers instantly, which is very comparable to

Even if there are a few fewer filter choices, the ones that are offered are highly helpful: Coverage for CFAR, Covid-19 advantages, cancellation and renewal rights, and rental car coverage.

You can specify whether you want policies that apply to or exclude the US. This is useful if you simply require Canadian insurance coverage.

It can request a quote for either trip insurance or medical travel insurance. VisitorsCoverage may provide the most affordable rates for travel medical insurance alone if you don't care about trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance features.


  • It's really simple to customize your coverage.
  • The average quote is less expensive.


  • There may be too many alternatives, which is a negative.

Final word

It's quick, easy, and free to get travel insurance quotes online. By the above-listed website to search for travel insurance in Canada you can easily get an online travel insurance quote free to compare different plans before committing to buy, and you can also cancel them any time after purchase.