Best Health Insurance Providers in Germany

Best Health Insurance Providers in Germany
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Are you looking for the best health insurance providers in Germany? It can be challenging to find the top insurance companies in Germany. There are several insurance providers and plans, each with different levels of coverage and policy possibilities.

Average cost of health insurance in Germany

The standard basic premium for public health insurance in Germany is 14.6% of your gross income, with an additional fee that averages 0.9% of your gross income, up to a monthly income cap of €4,425. The price may vary depending on your age, location, and health condition.

Top statutory health insurance companies in Germany

The best health insurance providers in Germany for you and your family will vary depending on a variety of elements, such as the details of the coverage, client feedback, etc. You can compare the following list of the top health insurance providers in Germany side by side to help you decide which one is right for you:

Techniker Krankenkasse

A solid overall package was provided by Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). At 1.2 percent, the additional contribution is consistent with the prior year and less than the national average. The Techniker Krankenkasse in addition to the statutory benefits also covers a wide range of extra benefits.

When it comes to customer service, Techniker Krankenkasse excels. There is a callback service, a chat feature, and a 24/7 phone number for the cash register. Along with scheduling doctor's appointments, TK also provides a medical helpline. They have branches nationwide.


  • Extra contribution below average
  • Very good at alternative healing methods
  • Excellent at services for families
  • Very good at service
  • Wide range of health applications


  • Dentures are only covered by the bonus program


HKK offers the best value for money. The third-lowest supplementary contribution in Germany is provided by the health insurance company. As part of a bonus scheme, you can at the HKK amass money for various health and preventative actions. You can either have the money paid directly to you or use it as a 'health allowance' to pay for extra services that the HKK would typically not pay for. By up to 25%, the HKK will enhance your collected amount if you choose the health subsidy.

The HKK receives a passing grade for service. The cash register may be reached by phone 24/7, seven days a week. In addition to helping set up doctor appointments, they also provide a medical hotline.


  • Low additional contribution
  • Very good at vaccinations
  • Extra budget for pregnant women
  • Free dental care is provided through the DentNet network


  • With a bonus scheme, you must work to earn the budget for future additional services
  • There are just 14 branches in all, with 9 in Lower Saxony, 3 in Bremen, 1 in Hamburg, and 1 in Münster


No other German health insurance company under consideration has as many branches (367). Along with on-site assistance, telephone service is offered 24/7. Barmer's increased contribution, at 1.5 percent annually, is barely over the national average. There are callback and chat options. Together with scheduling doctor's appointments, Barmer provides a medical helpline. The country is covered with branches.


  • Very good at vaccinations
  • Various offices
  • Additional money for pregnant women
  • Positive bonus program


  • No dentures beyond the statutory benefit
  • When participating in the children's and young people's program and the only pediatrician available is a permanent one


As part of a bonus program, HEK offers money that can be used for a variety of health and preventative activities. You have the option of having the money reimbursed to you or using it as a 'health bonus' for extra services that HEK does not often cover. This doubles the amount of money you gather if you select the health bonus.


  • Extra contribution below the average for the nation
  • Good at vaccinations
  • Very good at prevention
  • Very good at naturopathy
  • Strong in pregnancy


  • It is possible to receive a minor subsidy for professional dental care from a permanent pediatrician

BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker

The least expensive additional contribution is provided by BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker. As part of a bonus scheme, you can gather money at the BKK Gildemeister Seidensticker for various preventive and health actions. In addition to the health budget, you have two options for using the money: pay it outright or use it twice for other services. The cashier can be reached by phone around-the-clock.


  • Favorable supplementary payment of 0.9 percent
  • A €250 annual general health budget
  • Pretty good at providing preventative care


  • Additional services only available through the health budget
  • No rooming-in
  • Only a few branches

IKK Classic

IKK Classic You have the option of having the money paid to you or using it as a triple subsidy for extra services that IKK Classic does not cover.

The IKK Classic performs admirably in terms of servicing. The cashier can be reached by phone 24/7, and they also provide a medical hotline and assist in scheduling specialist consultations. Germany's more than 160 branches are dispersed rather equally.


  • Very good at performing dental treatment and vaccinations
  • Competent in family benefits
  • Excellent bonus program
  • Decent service


  • A few further examinations
  • Birth preparation course only through the bonus program

DAK Health

With its substantial bonus program, DAK-Gesundheit stood out. Moreover, it has the top service rating of any cash register. The money can be handed to you directly or used as a fictitious subsidy for extra services that the DAK typically does not cover. The DAK boosts the sum by 20% if you select the subsidy.


  • Very good service
  • Good bonus program
  • Increased spending for expectant mothers
  • Subsidy for a dentist's cleaning
  • 180 euros for general health
  • Nationwide branches


  • More substantial extra contribution
  • No financial support is provided for IVF
  • A few extra preventive services


Viactiv provided a variety of helpful add-on services. As part of a bonus program at Viactiv, you can save money for various health and preventative actions. You have two choices on how to get your money.

Through phone, contact form, or chat, customers can access the customer advisors 24/7. Viactiv also provides advice hotlines for a variety of subjects, including sports and homeopathy.


  • Several additional services are directly financed without using the bonus program or health budget
  • Competent in family benefits


  • No flu vaccination for people aged 60 and older

Final word

You decide for yourself which health insurance companies in Germany you insure yourself. Thus, there is competition. The so-called additional contribution and so-called additional services, which together account for a total of 5% of the range of services, differ between the funds, even if 95% of the services are the same for all funds.

So, it is worthwhile looking more if you want to save money or if it matters to you that the health insurance pays for specific procedures.