Top Travel Insurance Providers in Australia

Top Travel Insurance Providers in Australia
Top Travel Insurance Providers in Australia

Travel insurance can be used for unexpected medical expenses, offers 24/7 support anywhere in the globe, and ensures that you return home safely. Comparing travel insurance providers in Australia might be difficult. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and you can discover the ideal combination of advantages and a reasonable price in this article.

How do you choose high-quality travel insurance providers in Australia?

Some additional considerations when purchasing a travel insurance policy are:

  1. Is the insurer reputable?
  2. Do they offer emergency assistance?
  3. Premiums and costs of excess
  4. What are your preferences?
  5. What are the exclusions?
  6. Should I compare plans?
  7. Always read the small print

Are there age restrictions for travel insurance in Australia?

Some policies have no age limitations at all, while others only allow anyone under 65 to purchase certain goods (like annual multi-trips). In general, though, you can get complete coverage regardless of your age; you might simply have to pay a little bit more for the privilege as you become older.

Australia's top travel insurance companies

To help Australians find the best option suitable for their needs, we evaluate the below list of top travel insurance providers in Australia. Take a look if you are waiting to purchase travel insurance

Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance Direct's COVID-19 coverage is quite comprehensive when compared to other policies; it covers both medical costs and travel cancellations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, 93 activities are covered, with the option to purchase additional coverage for some activities like snow sports, provided that certain requirements are met.


  • 93 sports and activities are covered by default
  • Up to $12,000 in lost luggage coverage with the option to raise item limitations


  • Only several insurance or group plans qualify for online discounts
  • Further pre-existing medical issues are not covered


Unlike many other insurance companies, Allianz offers a generous unlimited medical policy that covers hospital costs and unrestricted dental care. Pre-existing medical issues are also covered; however, examinations are necessary, and requirements must be completed.

According to the requirements of each traveler, there is also the opportunity to enhance specific restrictions (luggage, cancellations, etc.) for higher levels of coverage.


  • All ages are covered
  • Dental costs are covered under the limitless medical expenses


  • Additional activity packs, such as snowshoes, are not covered by personal liability insurance
  • Connecting flights are not covered


With 90 activities covered and the option to add extras like snow cover, InsureandGo is a great option for families. When traveling with parents or grandparents, children up to the age of 18 are also protected, with a 100-year-old policy maximum.


  • On a regular basis, the business updates the promo codes posted on its Facebook page
  • Positive online reviews are seen at ProductReview


  • No protection from credit card fraud
  • Despite claims on the website that the majority of pre-existing medical issues are covered, an evaluation is necessary

Bupa Travel Insurance

Bupa travel insurance is underwritten by Allianz, and its comprehensive travel insurance policy is essentially identical to Allianz's.

Bupa provides 24/7 emergency support with doctors and nurses from Australia on hand, in addition to unlimited medical, hospital, and dental coverage.


  • 15% off for Bupa health insurance policyholders
  • There is coverage for all age groups


  • To establish if pre-existing conditions will be covered, all of them must be evaluated
  • Reports indicate protracted wait times for claim payments


FastCover offers 5 levels of protection, ranging from a basic policy all the way up to a multi-trip policy for frequent travelers. Faithful reviewers laud the insurer for being open and providing them with friendly customer service.


  • Low-cost premiums
  • Easy application procedure
  • Excellent customer service
  • These coverage options are accessible to single travelers, students, retirees, couples, families, and people of all ages up to and including 79
  • Due to the quick and simple application process, setting up insurance online was simple


  • Any reduction in the excess will raise your premium


Insure4less will pay for your COVID-19-related medical costs as well as, if necessary, any additional costs associated with your early return to Australia owing to COVID-19.


  • The policy covers more than 100 activities, with the opportunity to purchase supplementary coverage for other high-risk activities including snow cover for skiing and snowboarding
  • Covers connecting flights up to $1000, personal liability up to $7.5 million, cancellations up to $7500 per person, and lost luggage up to $5,000 (sub limitations apply)


  • No protection from credit card fraud
  • It is necessary to do an assessment to see if coverage for all pre-existing medical problems may be offered


1Cover has received an average rating of 4.3 stars from over 4500 reviews on Product Review.

It provides the ability to purchase extra packs for high-risk activities and covers more than 100 sports and activities. The rest of the insurance can also be very completely customized, enabling policyholders to add or expand coverage to meet the specific needs of the traveler.


  • Flexibility to modify and expand coverage to accommodate different travelers
  • Pregnancy is covered till week 24


  • Over-80 travelers must pay an additional $3000
  • Only if there was a layover of more than four hours are connecting flights covered

Cover-More Travel Insurance

In addition to covering COVID-19 medical costs abroad, Covermore's travel insurance also includes $2500 for supplemental related costs. Unlike many other providers, cancellations are also covered up to $5000, but only on the Comprehensive Plus plan, which has a higher cost.

The Covermore coverage allows travelers up to the age of 99, but senior travelers must meet certain eligibility requirements.


  • Pregnancy with a single kid is automatically covered
  • $3,000 for connecting flights


  • The acceptance requirements for senior travelers
  • There are no online discounts

Qantas Travel Insurance

Unlimited medical costs, including dentistry and COVID-19 diagnostics, are covered by Qantas Comprehensive Travel Insurance. Furthermore, it permits a medical evaluation for any conditions not listed and automatically covers 43 pre-existing medical disorders (subject to specific requirements).

For special occasions, there is limitless cancellation insurance and coverage for missed connections up to $2500. Also, there is coverage for delays in transportation that last longer than six hours, with a cap of $1500 overall and a maximum of $250 each day.


  • Dental is covered by unlimited medical
  • Adequate COVID-19 cover


  • Individual policies must be purchased by those over 69
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards is not protected


You don't need to obtain a new policy for each trip because the NRMA International Comprehensive Yearly Multi-Trip Plan covers an unlimited number of journeys (up to 60 days each) for a whole year. Each trip has its own cover limits, so your insurance is reset each time you go.

Select the insurance plan you require based on your travel preferences, taking into account the maximum trip length (30, 45, or 60 days), excess ($0, $100, or $250), and amount of cancellation coverage.


  • Annual coverage for up to 60-day travels
  • Optional COVID-19 travel disruption or cancellation insurance
  • No-limit international health insurance (including COVID-19)
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Variable excess
  • High benefit for accidental death, permanent disability, and income loss


  • Does not offer the finest level of automatic coverage for pre-existing medical problems

Final word

With over 100 insurers to pick from in Australia, it can be difficult to decide which are the best travel insurance providers in Australia that suit your needs. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind and save you hundreds of dollars if your vacation plans are changed or canceled at the last minute. With the help of travel insurance, you can be prepared for unforeseen global occurrences like pandemics, natural disasters, and wars that could easily sabotage your travel plans.