How to Create a Full-Sun Garden

How to Create a Full-Sun Garden
How to Create a Full-Sun Garden | Photo credit:

Full-sun gardens can be light, entertaining, and full of texture all year long. However, they do require careful planning and consideration of plant selection. When a homeowner decided to dress up her backyard gate with a full-sun garden the below discussion will help him.

Materials Required for Creating a Full-sun Garden

  • Sod
  • Compost
  • Full-sun plants
  • Fertilizer
  • Mulch

Tools Required

  • Pick axe
  • Grub hoe
  • Rake
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Spade shovel
  • Mulch fork

Steps for Creating a Full-sun Garden

  • Start by completely eliminating the grass from where the new garden will be. If the ground is difficult, use a pick axe; otherwise, if the soil is not too dry and compacted, use a regular gardening hoe. Any soil or grass clumps should be raked up and placed in the wheelbarrow.
  • Compost should be mixed in with the excavated soil to improve it. Usually, ordering it by truckload will be the least expensive; if at all possible, request that the driver simply dump the order directly into the garden area. Using the spade, shovel, and mulch fork, spread it around.
  • Place the flowers, bushes, grasses, and trees in the garden area while they are still in their containers. To make them appear natural, arrange them in zigzag patterns. However, be sure to anchor the front and rear of the garden with larger plants.
  • The roots of the plants should be teased from the potting soil after being removed from the containers. Plants are placed in holes that are roughly twice as wide as the plants and only slightly deeper than the soil surface, around an inch or so. As you plant, mix fertilizer into the soil.
  • Put mulch in the wheelbarrow and spread it about the garden in piles. Use the shovel and rake to spread it out. Keep it away from the stems and leaves of the new plants.
  • For two weeks, water the garden every day; after that, water it every other day for a few weeks. Change to weekly watering as the weather becomes cooler.

Full-sun Garden Plants

A full-sun garden requires careful plant selection. Plants that enjoy the sun will prosper, while those that are more susceptible to heat will start to suffer right away. Consider the following full-sun plants for these areas:

  • Honorine Jobert windflowers
  • Purple coneflowers
  • Shasta daisies
  • Big blue lilyturfs
  • Peonies
  • May night wood sage
  • October daphne stonecrops
  • Little Limelight hydrangeas
  • Green Velvet boxwoods
  • Maiden grasses
  • Tupelo trees

Create gardens that bloom all year long and have a lot of texture and movement by using these plants.

Final Word

Gardens filled with color, flowers, and delicious produce are best suited for locations that receive sunlight from morning to sunset. But not all plants can withstand the full, glaring sun. You can have a stunning full-sun garden fit for a gardener's dreams by understanding the light requirements of your garden and adapting to the requirements of sun-loving plants.