How Much Does It Cost for Samsung to Make the Galaxy S23 Ultra?

How Much Does It Cost for Samsung to Make the Galaxy S23 Ultra?
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As a result of declining demand for memory devices, Samsung has recently posted its lowest profits in the last 14 years. The semiconductor business that Samsung Memory is a part of has been the company's most important income generator over the course of the past ten years. Samsung is a South Korean multinational company that specializes in electronic components. However, during the most recent fiscal period, the company posted a loss of $3.4 billion as a result of unsold inventories and declining demand. This had a significant negative impact on Samsung's profit margins.

The memory division of Samsung's business is expected to begin showing signs of improvement in the second half of the year, but until then, the company is looking at its mobile phone division to provide some much-needed earnings. The people over at Counterpoint Research recently conducted a bill-of-materials study on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and their findings imply that Samsung is earning a nice profit off of its flagships. This is encouraging news on that front.

According to Counterpoint, it costs Samsung $469 to build the Galaxy S23 Ultra; as a refresher, the price of the phone at retail is $1,199. The bill of materials for the Galaxy S23 Ultra works out to be somewhat less than forty percent of the gadget's retail value. As a result, Samsung is still able to make a respectable profit off of the device, despite the fact that it offers significant inducements to consumers who move to other brands of smartphones.

An interesting finding from Counterpoint's analysis is that Qualcomm is responsible for 34% (or $159) of the total manufacturing cost of the S23 Ultra. This figure accounts for the cost of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Sub-6 5G cellular antennae, AptX audio codecs and various power management ICs.

The other business units owned by Samsung are the recipients of the second-largest portion of the benefits. Displays, memory and storage modules and camera hardware are all products that are manufactured by Samsung's numerous business divisions, which sets the company apart from its competitors in the sector.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with a storage capacity of 256GB/512GB/1TB, an AMOLED display with a 6.8-inch screen and 120Hz refresh rate created by Samsung Display and a camera sensor with a resolution of 200MP that is produced by Samsung Semiconductor. The auxiliary cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are also equipped with image hardware manufactured by Sony; nonetheless, the sum of all the components manufactured by different Samsung subsidiaries accounts for 33 percent of the entire cost of producing the smartphone.

Although a bill-of-materials study does not take into account the money spent on research, marketing, or any of the other activities that are required to bring a product to market, it does offer some insight into the prices of high-end electronic devices.

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