History Ashoka: The Transformational Journey of India's Enlightened Emperor

Explore the legacy of Ashoka, the Mauryan Emperor who embraced Buddhism and led India with wisdom and compassion. Discover his transformative journey.

February 09, 2024
History Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Ancient Indian Civilizations: A Journey Through Diversity

Discover the diverse legacy of ancient Indian civilizations, exploring their unique contributions to culture, science, and society in this insightful article.

February 09, 2024

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World Lost Plutonium in the Himalayas: A Cold War Mystery

Explore the intriguing story of the lost plutonium in the Himalayas, a relic of a joint US-India mission from the 1960s aimed at monitoring China's nuclear developments.

January 14, 2024
History The Grandeur of the Mughal Empire: A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Political, Financial, and Military Strength

Explore the might of the Mughal Empire through an in-depth analysis of its political influence, financial power, and military capabilities, revealing the factors that made it one of the most formid ...

December 27, 2023
World The Java Trench: The Mysterious and Dangerous Depths of the Indian Ocean

The Java Trench, also known as the Sunda Trench, is a significant geological feature of the Indian Ocean. This trench is the deepest point in the Indian Ocean and has garnered attention for both it ...

October 25, 2023
World The Mystery Surrounding The Magnetic Hills Of India!

The "Magnetic Hill" phenomenon in India refers to a mysterious and optical illusion-like occurrence that can be experienced in certain locations, notably in Ladakh, a region in northern I ...

September 27, 2023
History Battle of the Ten Kings

The Battle of the Ten Kings, also known as the Dasharajnya, is an ancient epic battle that is mentioned in the Rigveda, one of the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism. The battle took place between two ...

June 27, 2023
History Tipu Sultan: the Tiger of Mysore

Tipu Sultan, also known as the Tiger of Mysore, was a prominent ruler and military strategist who ruled the Kingdom of Mysore in South India during the late 18th century. His reign, from 1782 to 17 ...

June 08, 2023
History Fourth Anglo-Mysore War: Death of Tipu Sultan

The Fourth Anglo-Mysore War was a conflict in South India between the Kingdom of Mysore against the British East India Company and the Hyderabad Deccan in 1798–99. This was the final conflict ...

April 24, 2022
History Kingdom of Mysore

The Kingdom of Mysore was a realm in southern India, traditionally believed to have been founded in 1399 in the vicinity of the modern city of Mysore. From 1799 until 1950, it was a princely state, ...

April 24, 2022
History Third Anglo-Mysore War

The Third Anglo-Mysore War (1790–1792) was a conflict in South India between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company, the Kingdom of Travancore, the Maratha Empire, and the N ...

April 24, 2022
History Battle of Jhelum (Indian Mutiny)

During the Indian Rebellion of 1857 Indian Mutiny) a column of troops led by the commander of the 24th Regiment of Foot was sent to disarm Bengal Native Infantry units believed to be at risk of mut ...

April 02, 2022

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