Tips for Working Moms

  • Author: Admin
  • April 28, 2022
Tips for Working Moms

How frequently do you find yourself locked in a state of anxiety or worry? It takes a lot of you to feel these bad emotions. It depletes your own energy, leaving you exhausted. So how could protect your energy from negativity?

Self-awareness entails knowing and owning who you are (your VPs), knowing and owning what you're feeling (emotional intelligence), and being aware of your personal energy.

Knowing Your Values and Priorities

In many ways, being self-aware safeguards your personal energy. You don't waste much time being undecided, conflicted, or confused when you know your values and priorities. Self-awareness resists the sickness of wanting to please others. When faced with a decision, you make it based on your values. You then go over your priorities. Would your choice be in keeping with the things and people that matter to you? Because you have a firm basis that provides confidence, support, and energy, knowing who you are speeds up the decision-making process.

Assume you're faced with a choice between career and family. Your family is your most important asset, yet a major job project takes precedence. Your support system is aware of this initiative, so you're conscious of your beliefs and priorities when you're conflicted about a child activity you'll have to miss. Despite your decision to go against a principle, your work endeavor, which supports your family, is a priority.

Owning Your Emotions

Self-awareness also safeguards your own energy by allowing you to become aware of how you and others feel. This keeps your personal energy from dropping or sparking too quickly. Self-awareness is about controlling your emotions and/or managing your reactions to your emotions and those of others.

You start to feel mommy guilt while working on the large job project. You can't concentrate, you're exhausted, and you're stressed and overwhelmed by the assignment. Take a moment to ponder to help you get back into the swing of things. You turn off your computer, recline in your chair, close your eyes, and check in with yourself. You keep in mind that your children are safe and well-cared for. In ten years, this moment will be irrelevant, but your career will be better off. Another viewpoint is that you are in complete control. You have the ability to complete the task. This viewpoint provides you with the extra energy you require to complete the task at hand. Guilt was lifted, and clarity was gained. It's time to get to work.

Protecting Your Personal Energy

Because you spend so much of your life working, your personal energy is incredibly valuable. You're looking after people, your job, and, most importantly, yourself. You get intellectually stronger when you become conscious of how much energy you have. Because you can see how your personal energy fuels you, you value it more. There's only so much of it! There are some things that deserve your attention and others that do not.

Moreover the following tips can ease the tension and last minute adjustments of a working mother.

  • Plan and organize your work at home before-hand so that you reach office on time.
  • Make a list of works which you can do after coming back from office.
  • Make a list of phone numbers of people whom you can approach in case of an emergency, who you think can take care of your child when you are at work.
  • Having a good relationship with in-laws, parents, siblings, and relatives really help when there is no other option and you have to leave your kid with them.
  • Make your colleagues and boss aware that your kid is as important as the work. This helps when you want to take a day off or apply for leave.