Should You Include Your Vaccination Status on Your Resume?

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  • August 28, 2022
Should You Include Your Vaccination Status on Your Resume?
  • 1 out of 3 hiring managers will toss out resumes that don’t include an applicant’s vaccination status.
  • Listing your vaccination status can give you an advantage — if you’re vaccinated.
  • Some hiring agents will check your social media to see if you have an opinion on the topic.

Should you think about including your vaccination status on your resume if you're one of the many individuals who plans to hunt for a new job inside the upcoming year?

You will probably be asked this during a job interview. According to recent statistics provided by The Ladders, the number of job postings requesting applicants' vaccination status has increased rapidly, increasing 5,000% since January.

After the Food and Drug Administration fully approved the Pfizer vaccine in August, this trend is predicted to continue, meaning people who are on the fence about receiving the shot won't have any excuses if they want to go back to work, especially if their employer requires vaccinations.

In terms of job seekers, a recent survey found that over 70% of hiring managers claimed they are more willing to hire someone who has already received a COVID-19 vaccination. More than half of hiring managers reported that, at organizations where vaccinations are required, they are more likely to choose to hire a less qualified vaccine recipient than a more qualified but unvaccinated applicant.

If you're debating whether to list your immunization history on your résumé, take into account the following: The status of an applicant's immunizations is not included on applications, according to about one-third of hiring managers.

Why You Should Include Your Vaccination Status on Your Resume?

According to Andrew Challenger, senior vice president of global outplacement and business at the Chicago-based executive coaching company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, anyone wishing to get a leg up on the competition could think about telling employers that they are immunized.

The hiring managers will undoubtedly consider a candidate's vaccination history, he added. "If they are already aware that you have received your vaccinations, they can check off that box and won't have to bother about having that candidate undergo testing each week. If the HR department is aware of the candidate's place in the hiring process, it will go more quickly.

In addition to mentioning it on your resume or professional profile, Challenger claimed that hiring managers will look up applicants on social media.

"The firm will locate it," he continued, "if a job seeker has posted something that expresses their view about the vaccines." "Sharing a meme, for example, is less professional than being open about your status in your CV or on your LinkedIn profile,"

If You’re Unvaccinated, It’s Best to Stay Quiet?

If you haven't had the coronavirus vaccine, it may make you stand out in a sea of resumes—but perhaps not for the reasons you were hoping.

Unvaccinated job applicants must be cautious and should think about not disclosing their vaccination status on their resumes, according to Michael Neese, CEO of, who recently spoke with Yahoo! Finance.

"The reader of the resume may have a negative impression if you say that you are not immunized," he stated. "Saying you have received all of your vaccinations is kind of a net plus. However, it might not be a good idea to reveal that you are not immunized. That might not be a good thing.

In order to find out how the company handled the epidemic, job candidates should read the job description and do some research on the business, according to Lorena Pabón, an HR generalist for National Airlines.

In an interview with My Perfect Resume, Pabón remarked, "You don't want to be in a firm that doesn't value the same things you do." "You need to research the employer and the business as well; find out what the industry is doing in general with relation to COVID-19. You need to seek for clues about how they handled the epidemic and safety in general when you're searching for that information. In the end, you're astonished when they state that getting vaccinated or wearing a mask is a condition to get hired even if you have all the qualifications they require.

According to Forbes, Daisy Wright, founder of the Wright Career Solution, advises job seekers not to list their vaccination status on their resumes because it is a private matter.

I would regard one's vaccination status in the same manner as we wouldn't disclose age, race, sexual orientation, or (dis)ability on a CV or LinkedIn profile, she added.